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Your Database is your Lifeline

Every organization needs a database. It is fundamental to your life as an organization and how you operate and grow. At the very basic level you need to know who your customers are and who they are in relation to your organization. Are they your customers, donors, volunteers, staff, etc.?
Countless small to large organizations fail to see the importance of having a good database only to realize later on that they’ve lost track of where their customer data is located (often times it’s spread out across the organization in various locations and computers). When organizations come to realize this and move from a mish-mash of having data all over the place to one centralized database where all their data resides in one place, it changes everything. Efficiency and collaboration come into fruition and the organization is positioned to grow.
The benefits far outweigh the cost and investing in a good database will pay for itself over and over again. And with Akubo, your investment doesn’t even have to break your budget. We built Akubo from the ground-up for small organizations. Simple, easy, no-frills, yet powerful enough to grow with your needs.
Web-based, no software to install. Customer database. Email marketing. Sales/Donations tracking. Mobile phone access. Managed with automatic redundant backups to ensure that your data is safe and protected. And we treat our customers like family, really (you can ask our customers)!
You’re not just buying database software. You’re joining a community that’s ready to help you in every way to be successful in using Akubo, so you can tackle the other essential things you need to run your small organization efficiently.
Again, I cannot stress it enough. Your database is your lifeline!
Robin Abello, Founder

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