With today’s situation that we’re facing right now, what could be a safer and more comfortable working environment than your own space – your home? Research shows that working at home increases one’s productivity rate by 13%, making them more effective and efficient!

Here’s the Top 5 Reasons to Love about Working from Home:

1. Traffic no More!

Always caught between traffic jams when traveling to work and going home? Save your travel time for extra more minutes in bed and preparing breakfast before you officially open your laptop for work – in your PJs! — not to mention saving some $$ on transportation too!

2. Better Working Environment

Working at home means you can always customize your environment the way you want it – as much as you want it. When employees work in an environment they are more familiar and comfortable with, they tend to be more productive.

3. Flexible time

Though some work still follow specific work time schedules, most have already adapted to flexible schedules — starting and ending your day on your most preferable time – as long as deliverables are completed on the deadline.

4. More Family Time!

Spending your work time at home means one thing – you get to spend more time with loved ones too! You can work while taking care of your kids or a sick family member, snuggle with pets or simply get a quiet moment for yourself!

5. Cozy clothes

Working with your clothes straight from bed can now be possible when working at home! Who cares? None – even your boss — sees you anyway.

Working from home doesn’t just benefit employees, but employers too! Employers can save a lot from renting office spaces – not to mention facing a lot of people in your office. These are just a few of the reasons to take working from home into consideration. This method might not work for everyone but could benefit most people who want to be more productive at work.

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