WordPress Integration

You can easily create Akubo form using our WordPress plugin. The data submitted in the forms will be automatically stored in your Akubo database.


Download the Akubo WordPress plugin below and install it on your WordPress site.

After installing the plugin go to Akubo Forms. You will need to enter the following required information.

Organization ID (OID). This is a unique ID that identifies your Akubo account. You can find your OID in the Auto-Forms section of the Settings page under the General Configuration tab.

You will also need to enable your Auto-Forms.

  • Your email address. For every submission on the form, an email alert will be sent to this email address.
  • URL Success. If the submission is successful it will redirect to this website.
  • Group. Upon submission, a new contact will be added to your database, specifically into the group you entered.
  • Add Captcha. An option to include captcha, a way to avoid web robot submissions, on your auto-form.

Click 'Save Changes'.


After setting the plugin, you can now use it. There are four types of Akubo Forms:
To use the form, just copy the short code listed across each form then paste it in your page or post.

For custom forms, you first need to set the fields you want to include in the form. Click on the link for Custom Forms. There is a list of default Akubo fields that you can select.

To delete a field, just click 'Delete' across the field.

If you want to include custom fields, just enter the label of the custom field and select the type of field then click 'Add'.

Click 'Save Changes'.

Note: The custom fields should be the same custom fields found on your Akubo database.

Click on the link below to download the plugin


Included in the plugin is the Akubo Email Form widget for the newsletter subscription. A captcha is already included in this widget.

Go to Appearance then 'Widget'.

Activate the 'Akubo Email Form'.

Enter the Title, OID, URL Success, Group, and Success Message.