Version 2 is here to stay

Last March, we introduced Akubo Version 2 to our users. We had decided it was time we gave Akubo a makeover — both visually and in efficiency.

Now, the beta testing period is almost over. Come Monday, November 14, we will make the final switch to Akubo V2 for all users. This means a few things:

1. Starting next week, the Akubo V2 design will be the default look. As you already know by now, we made the biggest change to the Dashboard. It’s the first page you see after you login, and it’s important to keep it organized and easier to navigate around.

2. Welcome faster load time. In Version 1, Akubo brings up a big amount of data right after login, and this affected users with very large data sets. You can expect better loading performance in V2.

3. Akubo V2 is more touch-friendly this time, especially with the new tile design, so you can work with ease on your iPad or tablet.



FAQ: Where is the submenu?

Some users have asked if we removed the submenus from the Dashboard, like Helpful Lists or Contact Groups. Don’t worry! They’re still available: you’ll find a submenu when you click on the tile icon on the lower-right corners.

FAQ: How do I use Akubo V2?

It’s simple: click the Switch to V2 link on your Dashboard. You can still choose to use both the old and new versions, until November 14.

Akubo is always meant to be a house for your organization’s data. So think of Akubo V2 as the same house, just renovated and repainted!

We hope the new version can help you do your work better. If it doesn’t, tell us about it. Send us an email at — we’d love to hear every feedback we can get.

Happy November!

– Robin

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