Viewing Contacts

You can view your contacts according to address, organization orcompany, status, groups, etc.

Viewing contacts according to specified parameters

1. On the dashboard, click on the Menu icon to display the viewing parameters found under View All Contacts.

2. By clicking on a specified parameter (e.g. address), additional view criteria will be available for you to choose from (e.g. city, zip code, country). Just click on the selection and Akubo will display the desired contacts.

3. You can also view contacts that were added or edited at a certain period.

Another easy way to view them based on their birthday or gender is the feature called Helpful Lists.

Sample Contact Views

Here are samples of contact views from zip code, country and groups.

A. Contact view by zip code on contacts with the 6100 zip code

B. Contacts from the Philippines

C. Contacts belonging to the Customers Group

Note: You can adjust the contact list in ascending or descending order alphabetically by clicking each field (Name, Org/Company, Address). Also you can select the columns you want to show/hide by clicking on the Show/Hide Columns.