Invoice and Receipts

Creating an Invoice

Invoices are created from sales/pledge donations that are marked as To Be Invoiced. You can generate invoices as PDF or MS Word documents or send them via email directly from Akubo.

1. Click Others on the main page,

then Create Invoice on the popup box.

2. Another way to create an Invoice is via the Giving tab of a contact popup. Click the Create invoice checkbox on the form.

Note: If there a contact has more than 1 pledge or unpaid sale, it will be listed once then when you create an invoice you have to option to select from the list of pledges/unpaid sale you want to send the invoice.

Creating a Receipt

Receipts are automatically created based on paid sales/donations with the option To be Sent Receipt & Thank You checked.

1. Click Others on the main page,

then Create Receipt & Thank You on the popup box.