Importing to Akubo

IMPORT Contacts for Mass Uploading

Import for Mass UPLOAD:
1. To do mass upload of contacts, go to Import & Export:

2. Under Import, select Contacts from Excel or CSV file.

3. Choose the file and click Upload.

4. Make sure to match the columns of the spreadsheet with the columns in Akubo’s database.

5. Choose the options that are applicable to you. To avoid duplicates in your existing database and the file you will import, you may select between four options. Checking duplicates by Email is recommended. If you have Custom Field that is unique for every contact like Customer ID, you may choose to do so.

You may also add all the imported contacts in an existing group in your database or you may choose to add them in a new group (e.g: New_Contacts_April2020) to check them later or to just keep track of your new uploads. Lastly, click Import.

6. You will then see the status of your import/upload if it was successfully added to your database.

If you think there are failed imports, you may download the report to review which contacts were not uploaded by clicking on the Export Full Report to CSV.