Importing to Akubo

You can import information into Akubo using Excel or CSV files.

1. On the main page, click Others, then Import & Export.

2. Select the option Contacts from Excel or CSV file from the dropdown menu under the Import column.

You can also do the Import function to update contacts, get contacts from a Gmail account, or import transactions, activity logs, and lists of members (in Excel file format).

3. Click on the Choose File button to select the file from your computer to import to Akubo. When the desired file has been selected (by clicking on the file), click Open, then Upload.

4. Match the columns of the spreadsheet with the columns in Akubo’s database by clicking on the dropdown button on the missing field name the column will be in green after matching. Make sure to match the columns with the Akubo data fields properly. Click Import to save the file.

Note: If you want to add the new contacts to a specific group, click on the drop down button Add all the imported entries to Group and choose an existing group or click on the New Group button to create a new group.