Once you have some contacts in Akubo, you may want to organize them into groups.

For example, you wanted to group certain clients together (e.g. they all like Product A), you can easily create group called Product A and assign contacts to that group. A contact can be a member of more than 1 group.

Creating a Group

There are three ways to create a group.

1. Create New Contact - You can assign a newly created contact to a new or existing group.

2. Viewing List of Contacts - From your contact list, select the contacts you wish to create group with. Under the Add to Groups drop-down menu, you can assign the selected contacts to a new or existing group.

3. Import - You can assign your imported data directly to a new or existing group (See the Import and Export section in this guide).

Moving, Renaming and Deleting a Group

Go to the Settings page. In the Groups section, you will see a listing of all your groups and an option to delete them. You must have an admin account or Manage privilege to see this section.

Create subgroup by moving a specific group under a different group.