Email Report

1. Go to Emails:

2. All emails sent will be reflected in this page. Here, you will see the status as well as the summary report. To see a more detailed report of the email click the View Report button.

3. This is the detailed report of the email summary. It reflects the email address, name and organization and the number of time the recipient opened the email as well as the reason for bounced.

4. At the top most of the page, you will see the figures of the email report.

5. In this portion, you will have the option to filter which of the data you wish to see. Tick the corresponding checkbox (Opened, Bounced, Opted-out). By default, all report details are shown. You may also choose two filters at a time.

6. Below is the sample view of the detailed report if you filter all the Opened emails. You will see how many times they opened the email.

7. Below is the sample view of the detailed report for Bounced emails. You will be able to see the details why the email bounced.

8. To download the details of the email report click on Export List.

9. You will be directed to the Export page and you will have the options to select all the fields you wish to include in your export file. Click on the corresponding checkboxes of the fields you wish to include and then choose which file format (MS Word or MS Excel) then click Export.

Important: Please note that when you export data always see to it that you include the Contact ID field. This is important if you wish to update their details in an MS Excel file and do a mass update.

Below is an example of the exported file in CSV or Excel file.