Donations and Sales

You can track donations and sales in Akubo. If you signed up for a Business account will see an “add sale” button. If you signed up for a Non-Profit account will see an “add donation” button.

There are two kinds of transactions in Akubo for business and non-profit. The first is an actual donation (for non-profit) or an paid sale (for business) and the second is a pledge (for non-profit) or a unpaid (to be invoiced) sale (for business).

Creating a transaction from the Akubo main page

1. On the main page, click on the Plus icon on the Transactions tile. Search and select your contact.

2. You will then see the Giving tab on the contact popup. Click Add Donation (for non-profit) or Add Sale (for business). The transaction form will appear where you can enter the transaction information.

If the sale or donation is unpaid or a pledge, you can click on the Create Receipt Immediately checkbox and after saving the transaction an invoice will be generated.

Note: Check Receipt & Thank You if you intend to send a thank you/receipt to the customer or donor.

3. To save the sale, pledge, or donation, click Add, then Update.

Creating a transaction from the New Contact page

1. On the contact popup, go to the Giving tab. Click Add Donation (for nonprofits) or Add Sale (for business).

2. Fill out the necessary information on the form.

Note: You can click on the To be sent Receipt & Thank You checkbox if a thank you/receipt should be sent to the customer/donor.

3. To save the sale, pledge, or donation, click Add , then Save .