Creating Custom Fields

Akubo allows you to create custom fields including text, date and status fields. You can also customize activity log types, case, categories and household member fields.

1. Go to Settings.

2. Under the General Tab, click Update in the Custom Fields section.

3. You will then be shown 8 tabs in the Custom Fields page: Status/ Details, Transactions, Activity Log, List, Cases, Products, Household Members, and Opportunity.

You can define specific text fields and date fields for Transaction

You can define Activity Log types (e.g. notes, phone log, etc)

You can define Case categories (e.g. customer complaint, customer suggestion, etc)

With the Products feature, you can set custom text fields and the number of pricing options per product

The Household Members tab contains field specific for household members of a contact record

With our Opportunity feature, you can create your own status and sub status