In Akubo, Relationships are associations between two or more contacts.

To create relationships:

1: Accessing the Relationships Function

In the Add/Edit contacts page, click on the Relationships tab.

2: Creating a New Relationship

Click Add Relationship.

3: Defining a Relationship

To identify or define the Relationship between two contacts, click the New Relationship option from the dropdown menu.

Give the Relationship a name by typing in the space provided. In this case, the relationship name is "Friend", which means that contact A is a friend of contact B.

4: Who this Contact is Related to

In the next field called Person, you need to select which existing contact the new contact is related to by clicking the Search icon and searching for the existing contact's name.

You can also set the direction of the relationship by checking the Modify Relationship Direction checkbox.

5: Saving the Relationship

Click on Add to save the new Relationship.

Note: The "new relationship" field is user defined. Other examples of relationships would be family, workmates, or schoolmates.