You can easily create notes on Akubo for your entire team to share, edit and view from any web browser.

Creating a Note

1. On the main page, click Others, then Notes

2. On the Notes page, click New Note.

Composing a Note

Documents can also be viewed in PDF and Doc file formats. You can cut and paste documents from MS Word, insert images, and share a note via a public URL, which you can embed on your website.

You also have an option to email your Notes and Letters. On the View Notes page, you’ll see an Email button to easily send your note to your contacts.

Defining the type of Note

You can also customize your note by changing its type by pressing the Type dropdown menu.

Note: For regular notes, simply choose Note.

The other types (Email Template, Invoice Header/Footer, Receipt Header/Footer) are to be used with other Akubo features.

For example, if you created a note marked Email Template, your note is available as a template that you can use in the Email page. This is how you can create multiple custom email templates.

You can also create multiple headers and footers when creating Invoices and/or Receipts (e.g. you can have a different footer for in-kind donations and another footer for monetary donations).

Saving a Note

Simply click on the Save Note button