Did you know, you can do email marketing directly from Akubo to your Groups or to individual contacts?

Before you can send an email, you must set a "From" email address in the Settings page. A verification email will be sent to that email address and after verification you will able to send emails from Akubo.

Create an email.

At the main page, click on Email.

When the email page is displayed, click “New Email”.

Choose an email design.

Choose from a few simple email templates or design your own template.

Note: You can personalize you remail template by selecting customize.

Choose your email recipient(s).

Select your group(s) to email or individual contacts.

Compose the message.

You can embed the images or send attachments.

Preview and send the email.

After seeing the Preview of your email, you will then have options on when to send the email (Send Immediately or Schedule Send Time). If you have revisions, you can edit the email and send based on your predefined schedule or cancel.

After clicking Send Email, a confirmation page will be displayed signifying that your email has been sent. Along with the confirmation, you can also choose to share the email on Facebook or Twitter.