Advanced Search

Akubo allows you to perform advanced searches for your contact based on your custom fields, status fields, transactions, activity logs, cases and household members. You filter contacts based on 2 or more parameters at the same time.

Smart Groups

You can save your Advanced Search as a Smart Group. When you save a smart group, you can recall the advanced search as a Group in Akubo, so it shows up from the View All Contacts -> Groups section.

For example, you can perform an Advanced Search for all contacts that have their birthday in June. You can save this Advanced Search as a smart group called June Birthdays. So from the main page you can go to View All Contacts, then Groups, and choose June Birthdays. You will see all the contacts who have a birthday in June.

A Smart Group is a dynamic group so as you add more contacts with June Birthdays, they will automatically get added to the June Birthday smart group.