“Touching” our Contacts

It is important to keep a database of contacts for your organization. For small businesses, your contacts may include current, potential, or past customers, and people who refer clients to you. For non-profits your contacts include past, current, or prospective donors and grant givers. Your contacts may include your vendors, too.

Contacts are maintained for a variety of reasons. You may be running a sale or launching a giving campaign that you want to publicize – that’s an obvious reason to reach out to your contacts. But an organization may touch, or connect with, their contacts at other times, too:

  • Help them keep you in mind for future purchases or donations.
  • Build loyalty and customer satisfaction to retain exiting customers.
  • Educate contacts about your services or products.
  • Survey recent purchasers or donors.
  • Remind referral sources that you are a good choice for their contacts.

Touch your contacts on a regular basis. How often depends on the type of organization you run and the frequency of purchase. It also depends what you promised people when they signed up to be on your mailing list. Schedule email and snail mail marketing campaigns on your calendar so you can be consistent and touch your contacts regularly.