TIP: Send files through document links

Since Akubo only allows one file attachment per email right now, a document link is a great way to send multiple files in email – and even large files or images. Here’s how:

1. Type in a title for the document or image you plan to put in the email. You can simply write the name of the document or rename it however you want. For example, “Document link guide” or “Click to download document link guide”.

2. Then, highlight the title. On the toolbar, click the Link icon, then Browse Server.



3. When the next box pops up, click Files on the left side, then click Upload and browse your computer for the PDF file or image you want to send. Open it, then Upload Selected File.



4. When your PDF file/image appears in the Files folder, double-click on it, click OK, and there you go:  now you’ll see the text you highlighted earlier has turned into a blue, underlined link. You can go on and rename it as you see fit.


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