The Business Phone Call Etiquette

Business Phone Calls

Ring it thrice

Please don’t be too excited to pick up the phone. When receiving a call, let it ring thrice. Your caller will have the time to prepare himself for the conversation and have a quick mental review of the purpose of the call.



The first thing that your caller should hear is a positive note, followed by the name of the company or organization. “Good morning, this is Pauline of ABC Company.” What is important is that the caller should hear your voice smiling with enthusiasm as you answer the phone. Sometimes, the phone may ring in the middle of your hectic schedule that you are in your dead-serious-mode. Don’t worry, here’s the trick in making you sound enthusiastic and kind: before picking up the phone, take a deep breath and smile. Trust me, it will work!

If you are the one making the phone call, it is polite to return the greeting then state your name and purpose. “Good morning, this is Rose, may I inquire regarding your office hours on weekdays?” It doesn’t pay much to return the politeness.



Active listening should be practiced in every phone call. It is necessary to understand the message and refrain from interrupting. Take note of the points where you need to give answer to and make clarifications thereafter.


I’ll get back to you

Come on, you should know that responding with “I don’t know” is rude. Be polite and respond with “I’ll get back on you regarding that matter” if you really do not have the information that the caller needs. Sometimes, there is a need of putting a caller on hold, so make sure that you apprise him that you will holding him for a little while. Same thing goes through when you transfer a call, inform the caller first before putting another person to accommodate him.


End with positive attitude

Wouldn’t it be nice to end the phone call with a “Thank you for calling, have a great day!” than just hanging up?

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