Terms of Use

These Terms of Use govern your access of any of the web services that Akubo offers.  You must agree to the terms of use before gaining access to the system. Otherwise, you shall be allowed access to the system for failure to agree to the Terms of Use set forth in these terms of use document. Akubo shall inform you of any updates in the Terms of Use as published in www.akubo.com resulting from industry updates and legal compliance.

i)     Account Terms

  1.  Only those 18 years or older may use an Akubo account;
  2.  Akubo shall not be used to store data deemed illegal or harmful in nature;
  3.  Akubo reserves the right to terminate a subscription that violates these Account Terms.

ii)     Free Trial Benefit

  1.  You shall receive 30 days’ worth of free use of Akubo web services, including full Akubo Technical Support during the trial period;
  2.  At the end of such 30 days and if you agree to continue with the use of the services, you will subsequently be billed according to the plan selected upon registration or the plan selected during the 30-day trial period;
  3.  You shall not continuously register for a free account every 30 days in order to circumvent payment for an Akubo account.
  4.  Akubo reserves the right to terminate an account that violates these Free Trial Benefit provisions.

iii)     Billing and Upgrades

  1.  You may request to amend this subscription at any time during the contract period for an upgrade by sending a request to Akubo at support@akubo.com. The amendment can be made to accommodate an increase in the number of users, records, and monthly email allocation beyond that provided by the current subscription, supporting your evolving needs even in the middle of the contract period. Rates for the upgrade options can be found at https://www.akubo.com/choose-your-subscription/
  2.  In the event of an increase in the number of users, records, and monthly email allocation beyond that provided by the current subscription, Akubo shall bill you the pro-rated difference between your current account plan and your new account plan. Additionally, you can increase the monthly email allocation two (2) times the plan email allocation, subject to an additional increase in the subscription price by 15% plus the 12% VAT.
  3.  For each additional user beyond the current subscription, the rate shall be Eight Thousand Five Hundred Philippine Pesos (PHP 8,500.00), inclusive of VAT, per user per year.
  4.  Failure to settle the bill within thirty (30) days after billing may result in the suspension of Services as outlined in the Suspension of Services for Non-Payment in your CRM Contract.

iv)     Content Policy

Akubo disallows distribution of offensive or illegal content. Akubo shall not be used to create, send or display:

  1.  Campaigns offering to sell illegal goods or services
  2.  Pornography/sexually explicit content
  3.  Campaigns promoting or supporting terrorism or violent extremism

Akubo reserves the right to terminate subscriptions in violation of this Content Policy.

v)     Anti-Spam Policy

You will adhere to Akubo’s anti-spam policy. If your are found to be violating Akubo’s anti-spam policy, this will result to the termination of your account.

  1.  Your email address should be an official address of your organization and should not be a third-party email address or domain name that you do not own.
  2.  You should not to mail to parties who have explicitly requested to be removed from their mailing list.
  3.  Your email messages should identify your organization and you will provide information for your recipients to opt out (unsubscribe) from your mailing list at the bottom of your email message.

Akubo reserves the right to terminate subscriptions in violation of this Anti-Spam Policy.

vi)     Account Security

Akubo provides tools to help you keep its account secure from unauthorized access. Akubo allows you to restrict access to any user account by IP address and an email alert is sent to your account administrator when unauthorized access is attempted.

You are solely responsible for keeping confidential all security information relating to all your user accounts in Akubo, including but not limited to any username, user email address and password. Once you have established this security information, Akubo will have no obligation to verify the authority of anyone using this information to operate any of your user account/s and will not be liable for any unauthorized access. If you are aware or suspects that these items are no longer confidential, you should contact Akubo immediately by sending an email to support@akubo.com so that Akubo can take steps to ensure the security of your account.

You agree to periodically change your passwords. You authorize Akubo to provide information about and to make changes to your account, including but not limited to providing information on additional users such as their first and last names, usernames and email address, and updating the account administrator’s email address for access recovery, upon receiving authorization signed by your contract signatory.

vii)     Backups

Akubo will back up your data every day and will also do an off-site backup on a daily basis.

In the event of loss of any data or records necessary for the performance of this Contract, where such loss is due to the error or negligence of Akubo, it shall be responsible for recreating such lost data in the Akubo database.

You shall be responsible for storing institutional data, reports generated, email templates, etc.

viii)     Availability

Akubo uses third party hosting partners for its site. It does not provide any guarantee for availability beyond what is normally acceptable for website services as the distributed nature of the internet does not allow for guaranteed availability at all times.

ix)     General Liability

Akubo will not be held liable for any direct or indirect loss of business or profits resulting from your use or inability to use Akubo services.

x)     Account Policy and Termination

Termination of account will include denial of access to the Akubo service, and deletion of all data in such account. Akubo reserves the right to terminate trial accounts that are not paid 60 days past the end of the free trial period.

  1.   For paid accounts, access will be denied to the Akubo service 30 days past the last contract termination date and deletion of all data will be performed in 90 days.
  2.   Deletion of account before the 90-day period can also be done upon request.
  3.   Notice before data deletion can be done and back up will be provided for a fee equal to two (2) months of service or PHP 25,000.00 inclusive of VAT, whichever is higher.

In the case of an account suspension, the account will be subject to termination if it remains suspended for a continuous period of 90 days. Upon termination, Akubo shall securely delete all your data stored in its database.

For over 10 years, Akubo has grown from a simple CRM provider to a full-service “kubo” that makes data management easier.

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