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Last Friday, we hosted Transform Your Business With Digital HR and Payroll at the Business Inn, Bacolod City. We met representatives from over 25 organizations. The brief seminar ran for more than an hour, touching on the role of human resources in successful digital transformation and how the right tools can maximize an organization’s potential. To recap, we have put together a summary here.


Digital Transformation

Robin Abello, founder of Akubo Software Philippines and Percworks Inc.

Digital transformation of HR is more than just replacing paper with software. It is a cultural shift towards a system where feedback is easier to share and coordination is more refined. Robin discussed the key areas of improvement that you can expect when you embrace digital transformation:

    • Control is spread out more evenly within the team. HR software encourages employee self-service, particularly in filing vacation leaves or answering performance reviews.
    • Workforce enablement – Even an organization with top-down hierarchy can make open communication part of its company culture. Employees who are not shut out of relevant conversations with their leaders take more positive actions to do efficient work and improve.
    • Operational agility. More companies today are spread out across different cities, or even countries, including ours. Some people work from home, or have varying employment contracts, or might be assigned different pay schedules. A digital HR system makes it easy for both admins and the employees to keep track of every single aspect of their work record.

Companies either want to adopt digital HR by choice, or they have to, because it is a matter of survival. Either way it is a long-term investment that, when done properly, ultimately rewards its business and everyone involved in it.


Overview of HR and Payroll

Chari Tinsay, HR Director of Philippine Women’s University-Manila and HR consultant of Magikland Theme Park-Silay

Having worked in the human resource industry for over 20 years, Chari began her presentation with a timeline. Bundy clocks, diskettes, and LAN represented the HR situations circa 1995 and 2004. By 2011, we upgraded to HR portals, online payslips, biometric systems. Today, most companies clock in online and store files on the cloud. In many ways HR has become a self-service practice and coordination a central part of it.

    • Traditional HR provides what employees need everyday and makes sure employees are happy.
    • On the other hand, strategic HR provides what the company needs to continue its business. Because of the analytics and logistics, HR influences many decisions of the business. This is why the role of HR expands in digital transformation, as opposed to being diminished.
    • In HR, coordination is key, and it is the goal of any HR software to fuel this coordination.

Chari concluded with a quote from Mark Zuckerberg himself: “In a world that’s changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.”



The third presentation at the event was an introduction to Twerkle, our latest HR and payroll management software. Developed by the Bacolod-based Akubo team, Twerkle aims to help small to mid-sized teams manage their workforce: employee data, timesheets, leaves, payroll, and performance reviews. Visit www.twerkle.ph to learn more.

Interested to get hands-on experience with Twerkle? Our team will be hosting an Open House on Thursday, March 7, 2019. Be sure to like our Facebook page for more info and event announcements.

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