Staff Spotlight | Tintin

FULL NAME : Maria Christina P. Maceda
Job Title : Marketing Associate
Years in Akubo : A little over 2 Years
Education : AB Psychology, 2020, University of the Philippines Diliman
Three words to describe yourself : Creative. Considerate. Generous.
Tell us about your career so far. What did you do during your internship?

I’d just come from a historic, worldwide pandemic when I started my internship with Akubo. After spending 2 years of uncertainty, I was happy to be able to devote myself to a proper schedule and work on something productive; I had joined just before Christmas in December of 2021, and my first tasks were assisting in Akubo’s webinar, Analyzing Your Christmas Data.

What originally drew you to apply to Akubo?

At the height of the pandemic, I struggled to find work; many places were sticking strictly to a skeletal workforce (as they rightly should), while others did not offer a work-from-home arrangement (which was a big concern). My family helped me find a job – which ended up being at Akubo!

I’d just finished a charity project with friends back then, so I was excited to work someplace that I heard helps a lot of nonprofits.

What projects do you work on?
Right now, I handle digital marketing; I work closely with our Head of Marketing and our Designer for captions and graphics, respectively. I also assist our Administrative Team in drafting our renewal and incoming contracts.

How did you decide to be a Marketing Associate?

I initially didn’t apply for a specific position – I’d had my interviews and sent in my resume and cover letter, but as a fresh addition to the general workforce’s population, I was happy to be assigned to anything that matched my strengths and provided me with room to grow.

I studied BA in Psychology for college, so my skillset included research and writing. Useful for a Marketing Associate, and the responsibilities of the job made me work on my communication skills more, too!

What do you like about being a Marketing Associate?

During my first year, I was also in charge of several designs for the graphics we used in posts, so I enjoyed getting to work on my skills in that area! Now, the research work is what stands out to me, and being in a position to communicate with my peers.

Tell us about a typical day at work.

I do my best to ensure that I log in for work by 9 A.M. and make it a point to submit deliverables during the morning period. Afterwards, I spend the rest of the afternoon working on tasks that need finishing up.

I sometimes take a break in the middle of the afternoon, either to get some merienda, or get started on some chores at home.

What do you look forward to learning?

I want to continue improving my communication and networking skills.

What things are you excited about in life in general?

I’m always excited to learn about new things! I guess I’d say that my dream is to be able to finish and publish a video game written and designed by me, in the future. I don’t have all the skills required for it yet, but I’m confident I’ll get there, step-by-step; it’s not doubt helpful to be working under an IT company to learn more about the dev field.

What’s the key to managing / completing a project successfully?

Time management. And being conscious of time, in my case. In my case, when there’s a lot of things to keep an eye on, I could get overwhelmed and fall into indecision. 

I think that when you’re managing or leading a project, you should be able to assess things quickly and make firm decisions.

What do you find most challenging about your work? How do you deal with it?

In terms of current challenges, I strive to continue on improving my writing – I try to take steps in reading more and learning more from different sources such as free online lessons that I could find.

Who or what inspires you?

I keep in mind the image of who I want to be in the future – a version of myself with qualities that I admire, and though I may stumble here and there, I want to work towards becoming that person for real.

What are you passionate about outside of work?

I’m into anything artsy! I love illustrating and writing, and have tried my hand at designing and sewing plush toys. I grew up playing video games; I follow a lot of game news and play a lot of old releases. Now, I’ve also started getting into game development.

What is your philosophy in life / motto / mantra?

Something that I’d read that’s really stuck with me since childhood was: “You can’t help having things you regret in life; do things that you know you will regret less.”

I tend to be a bit indecisive, so this motto helps me come to a decision whenever I’m stuck at a crossroads. Reminding myself of it has helped me move on and come to terms with things relatively quicker than otherwise.

Tell us about three (3) career lessons that you have learned so far.

  1. Don’t burn bridges.
  2. If you want to write about a certain group of people or topic, you have to immerse yourself in them and what they do so you can learn to write about them.
  3. If you’re struggling with a task, best not to put up a front and just ask for help from those around you.

What does Akubo mean to you?

An IT software company by Filipinos, for Filipinos.

If you were a crayon, what color would you be?

Definitely red. When I was a kid, the red one was always the leader, like in Power Rangers or Kids Next Door. I wanted to be the hero too, so it became my favorite color even after all these years.

If you could swap places with someone else for a day, who would it be?

If fictional stuff is counted, I think it would be fun to swap places in (or just join the worlds of) Digimon or Pokemon. I also think it’d be fun to swap places with main characters in video games, though personal safety may vary by mileage.