Recording Soft Credits on Akubo

You can associate a transaction (donation/sale) to another contact as a soft-credit.  This is useful for example when a donation is coming through an employee matching grant and you need to record the donation as coming from the employer of your donor, but you also want to record that same donation in your donor’s record for future reference.


$500 – Employee Matching Grant for John Smith paid for by Acme Corporation

The above donation you enter as a transaction in your contact record for Acme Corporation


By recording the donation as a soft credit, the amount recorded on the donor’s record is not added to your total donation amounts, but it’s always available for reference purposes when you look-up your donors’ record.

To associate this donation as a soft-credit to another contact, bring up the donation from the donations listing page via View All Donations.  Put a checkmark on the donation and click on Select Action, and choose “Assign Soft Credit to”.


You will then see a window to find and choose the contact (donor) you want to associate the donation to (as a soft credit).  Notice there’s an amount box for assigning an amount for the soft-credit — this can be useful for checks that come in from fundraising organizations like Network for Good or the United Way where a check may represent donations from more than one donor.


Once you’ve associated the donation as a soft-credit to another donor, you can click on the Soft Credit link under View All Donations and you’ll see a listing of all your soft credit donations


You can also view the donation record of John Smith and see the soft credits referenced along with his other donations.


You can also export the soft credit transactions from the Import/Export page — click on the link for “Soft Credit Transactions to CSV”.

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