Recent Updates – Visibility, Turning on/off Features for Login Users, Quick Refresh


  • You can assign visibility (ownership) for contact records.
  • Users that do not have Manage privileges can only see contact records that are assigned to be visible to ALL (this is the default visibility assignment). 
Turning on/off Features for Login Users
  • You can now selectively turn on/off Akubo features for Login users (that don’t have Manage privileges).
  • We’re initially starting with Email and Transactions (Sales/Donations) functionality — you can tun these features on/off selectively for each login user. 
Creating Receipts
  • The create receipts page will now automatically pop-up after creating a transaction (sale/donation) that’s marked for sending a receipt.  The page will open when you go back to the Main page.
  • We added a button to mark a transaction to not require a receipt.  This makes it easier to remove transactions (that are marked to receive a receipt) from the create receipts page.
Quick Refresh
  • Changes/updates are now automatically reflected on the contacts listing after you make a change. 
Counter for selected contacts
  • We added a counter for your selected contacts to make it easier to track how many contacts you’ve selected (your selections as now preserved as you continue searching for other contacts). 
Add new contacts from the contact listing page
  • There’s now an Add New Contacts button on the contacts listing page. 
Email opt-out
  • You can now turn off the opt-out message at the top of your email message.  The opt-out message will still appear at the bottom of your message (this feature cannot be turned off to help safeguard our spam controls), but showing the message at the top is now optional.

As always, please email us at if you have any questions.