Recent Updates – new Transaction Reports, iPad Access, Helpful Lists and more!

Just a recap of some recent updates to Akubo this past quarter.

* Transactions Report:
— #customers/donors for the month/year and #customers/donors with > 1 transaction for the month/year
— average income, # of transactions, average # of transaction, invoiced and not-invoiced (unpaid income)
— paid and unpaid amounts
— transactions by City, State, Zip, Group, Org/Company

* iPad access:
— improved iPad access and navigation with pages now optimized for the iPad.
— you can now use single-finger scrolling on the contacts/search results (you may need to update to iOS 4.3 to see this fix).

* Helpful Lists:
— New section under View Contacts for helpful and useful lists
— Find Duplicates, No Email Address, Birthday this Month and Email Opt-Out

* Inactive status for contacts has been renamed to “Hidden” — a more appropriate label since contacts that are inactive are essentially hidden from query results. You can review “Hidden” contacts by going to “View All Contacts” by Status and choose “Hidden”.

* Default currency — you can now set your default currency (for sales/donations transactions) in the Settings page.

* For business type accounts: Opportunity feature updates — we added 3 new fields (product/info, amount and notes) and also moved the Opportunity section to its own tab.

* Contacts Report — new report showing contacts by Group, Org/Company and Age.

* Smart groups now also show up in a contact’s group membership listings.

As always, please email us at if you have any questions.