Privacy Policy, Terms of Use

Privacy Policy

The information you submit upon registration such as your name, organization, address, phone number, email address and billing information including credit card number is for the sole purpose of creating an account for your use in Akubo. We may use that information for contacting the customer for account related issues and for sending information about our products, events and partners. Under no circumstances will we supply the information to a third party.
Akubo customers will be storing their own data on the Akubo database. Akubo will not access or share that data unless required by law or if it is necessary for the purpose of helping the customer resolve an issue related to their Akubo account.

Terms of Use

The terms of use policy of Akubo is applicable to all Akubo clients, from those who sign up using the 30 day trial as well as the new revenue customers who converted from trial customers to revenue customers. The terms of use agreement between Akubo and the trial user shall appear before a user can access any of the web services that Akubo offers. Users must agree to the terms of use agreement before gaining access to the system. Otherwise, no user shall be allowed access to the system for failure to agree to the terms of agreement set forth in these terms of use document.
Account Terms

  • · Anyone who is 18 years or older may use Akubo.
  • · The Akubo Services shall not be used to store data deemed illegal or harmful in nature.  Akubo Management reserves the right to terminate an account that violates this policy.
  • · Akubo Management reserves the right to terminate any account for any reason.


  • · Free Trial
    • Customers receive a complimentary 30 days for free use of Akubo web services including a One (1) hour scheduled phone consultation with Akubo Technical Support during the trial period.
    • At the end of the 30 days, the customer will be asked if they want to continue using the product.  If the customer agrees, the customer will subsequently be billed according to the plan selected upon registration (or the plan selected during their 30 day trial period).
    • It is strictly prohibited that any customer continuously registers for a free account every 30 days in order to circumvent payment for an Akubo account.
  • · Billing Options
    • Monthly billing prepaid for the month
      • Customer may upgrade or downgrade their Akubo account anytime and the new monthly payment will be reflected in the subsequent billing period.
        • However, a customer shall not downgrade an account if the number of users in their account exceeds the allowed number of users in the plan they wish to downgrade to.
        • Moreover, Akubo Management will regularly monitor the customer upgrades or downgrades.  Furthermore, Akubo Management reserves the right to terminate an account found to be circumventing the payment scheme.
      • Customers have a right to cancel their subscription to Akubo at any time by informing Akubo Management via email, fax, or phone.
      • Customers who do not pay their monthly bill within ten (10) days after billing is considered a cancelled account.
      • Akubo Management is no longer responsible for the customer’s data once an account is cancelled.
    • Yearly billing is prepaid for the year
      • Customer can upgrade or downgrade their account at anytime
        • However, a customer shall not downgrade an account if the number of users in their account exceeds the allowed users in the plan they wish to downgrade to.
        • In case of a downgrade, customers receive a credit in their account to be applied on the billing anniversary date.
        • In case of an upgrade, they will be billed the pro-rated difference between their current account plan and their new account plan.
      • Customers may cancel the Akubo service at any time and receive a pro-rated refund of their Akubo subscription.  The refund will be sent within 30 days after the customer cancels their account.
      • Customers who fail to pay their yearly bill within 30 days after billing is considered a cancelled account.
      • Akubo is not responsible for the customer’s data once an account is cancelled.
  • Akubo reserves the right to change the price of its services at anytime.  Nonetheless, existing customers will be notified 30 days before any price changes are to take effect.

Akubo customers will adhere to Akubo’s anti-spam policy.  Any customer found to be violating Akubo’s anti-spam policy will result in the termination of their account.
Anti-Spam Policy

  • The email address you are verifying officialy represents your organization and you are not using a 3rd party email address or domain name that you do not own.
  • You are not mailing to parties who have explicitly requested to be removed from your mailing list.
  • Your email message identifies your organization and you will provide information for the recipient to opt-out (unsubscribe) from your mailing list at the bottom of your email message.

Maximum number of records
An Akubo customer shall not exceed the number of contact records they are allowed under their subscription plan (for Akubo Basic it’s up to 2,000 contact records, for Akubo Pro 5 it’s up to 5,000 contact records, for Akubo Pro 10 it’s up to 10,000 contact records).  However, this number limit does not include activity logs, transactions and other records associated with a contact.
Account Security
Akubo provides tools to help the customer keep their account secure from unauthorized access.  Akubo allows customers to restrict access to their account by IP address and an email alert is sent to the account administrator when unauthorized access is attempted.  It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that they proactively monitor their account login activity to ensure unauthorized access is prevented.
Akubo will backup customer data every day and will also do an off-site backup on a daily basis.
Akubo uses 3rd party hosting partners to host the site and Akubo Management does not provide any guarantee for availability beyond what is normally acceptable for website services as the distributed nature of the internet does not allow for guaranteed availability at all times.
General Liability
Akubo Management will not be held liable for any direct or indirect loss of business or profits resulting from the use or inability to use Akubo’s services.
Changes in Terms of Use
Akubo Management reserves the right to change any of these terms of service at any time.

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