October Updates – Sales opportunity tracking, Multiple email templates, and more.

Just a recap of the updates for the month of October.

* Sales Opportunities — For “business” type accounts we have added the sales opportunity feature to allow you to track the sales process from new leads to prospecting to negotiating to closing (wins/loses).

* Full customization for Thank You / Receipt header & footer — You can now hide the default mailing headers that are automatically included in the thank you / receipts. You would then be able to create your own header without having the default mailing headers appearing above your custom header. We also added data merge capability for both the header and the footer so you can call up data fields in your custom header and footer.

* Activity Log entries for outgoing emails — A log entry from “system” is now recorded for each contact for emails going out, and for receipts marked as sent (and also sent out via email) so you can easily recall if a contact was sent an email, or was sent a receipt recently.

* Save Multiple Custom Email templates — You can now create and save multiple email templates. To create new email templates, go to the Notes section, create a new Note and click on the drop-down for Note type and choose “Email Template”. Once you’ve created these new templates, when you create a new email, you will see a drop-down right above the message section that will allow you to choose any of your saved templates.

Please email us at support@akubocrm.com if you have any questions.

Happy Halloween!