My Files

Akubo enables you to store files and even images in your account.

1. On the main page, click Others, then Files.

2. On the My Files page, there are two folders you can use to store your files in. One is the Image folder where you can store images and pictures. The other is the Files folder where you can load a variety of file formats. Select which folder to store the files. (The Basket folder stores your deleted files.)

3. Click on the Upload button at the My Files page.

4. Select the desired files from your computer and click Open.

5. When the files have been uploaded to Akubo after you press the Open button, this is what the Akubo folders would look like.

Files Folder

Images Folder

Note: The images that you have stored in Akubo can be inserted to your emails, newsletters and other communications to donors/customers and you can create links to files for quick access from your email.