Memberships is a new feature in Akubo. You can create types of Memberships (Alumni Membership, Monthly Donors, etc) that you can set for your contacts. It helps you track active, lapsed, and inactive members, as well as renewal periods and membership fees.

Creating a Membership Type

1. On the main page, click Others, then Memberships.
2. Click Create Membership.
3. Fill out the form, then click Save.

Setting a Contact to a Membership

1. Search a contact and from the listing page, click the contact to open the contact window. Go to the Membership tab.

2. Click Add Contact to Membership.

3. Select the Membership type, status, and date.

Viewing Members

1. In the Membership page, a list of Memberships will be displayed. Click the button View Members to see the Members page.

2. You can see the last payment and set the last renewal date of each members.