Meet the Team

Akubo is proud of its writers, graphic artists, customer care and software engineers who work tirelessly to meet your organization’s needs.

Meet the Team behind Akubo – working together to make data management easy for you.

Founder and CEO: Robin Abello

Born and raised in the Philippines, Robin Abello founded Akubo as a tool to help non-profits easily grow and manage their organizations.

Currently residing in Maryland, USA, Robin also founded Percworks, Inc. – a technology company providing computer tech support, training and web applications development services since 2003.

Robin earned his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from University of Maryland and MS in Software Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.

Dev Team

Our Development Team - composed of seasoned software engineers - ensures the delivery of quality services and products, designing enhancements that run smoothly. The Dev team is committed to making Akubo platform globally competitive.

Partnerships, Marketing and Communications Team

Our partnerships, marketing and communications team works to deliver updates, news and information. With the IT industry growing so fast, the team makes sure to keep you posted on how Akubo can help achieve your objectives and keep abreast with new technologies and strategies.

Support Services Team

Our support department maintains customer relationships and ensures the smooth running of Akubo. Responsible for finance and operations, it’s Akubo backbone!