July updates: Multi-addresses, Products database, and more!

We’re pleased to announce some new features:
  • Products database — You can now define your products (and services) on Akubo.  Products you define are available as a choice when you’re entering a transaction (sale/donation).
  • Reassign transactions (Sales/Donations) — from the sales/donations listing page, put a checkmark on the transaction and click on “select action” and choose “Reassign Sale(s)” or “Reassign Donation(s)”.
  • Redesign of Tasks/Cases — we added a quick add entry box for adding new tasks and cases.  And we redesigned the Tasks/Cases page with tabs for your public and personal workspace.
  • Multi-addresses — you can now define up to 3 types of addresses (home, work, other).
  • View All Contacts by zip code
  • Email receipts and invoices from multiple email addresses — all of your verified email addresses will be available as the “from” address when emailing receipts and invoices.
  • Check for duplicates when adding a new contact — as you’re typing in a new contact, a list of possible duplicates will be displayed.
  • Notes — Labels for grouping your notes, Associate a Note to Contact(s)
  • We increased the number of custom status checkboxes to 10 (from 6).  To add define your additional custom status checkboxes, go to the Settings page and click on “Update” in the Custom Fields section.

As always, thanks for all your suggestions and feedback.  We love hearing from you!