Job Perks: Work from home


We at Akubo enjoy a handful of job perks. Newbies get their first big one on their third month at work: once a week, they get to work from home! And it’s easily one of the best perks — here’s why:

We don’t need to look presentable

So we’re free to send emails, write code, or fix software bugs while in our pajamas! It’s an advantage particularly for our co-workers with young children, because working from home means more bonding time.

It also means less travel expenses

We get to save gas or jeep/taxi fare, as well as time in traffic, which can be long and tedious especially for our Manila-based team.


We can work from anywhere, not just our home

It is widely known that J.K. Rowling herself wrote the first Harry Potter manuscript in coffee shops. Many of us would agree that it’s energizing to work in caffeine-filled places and get that much-needed inspiration, so this once-a-week job perk lets us do just that.


I have worked at Akubo long enough to be among the first to enjoy this job perk, and even plan how the schedule works. Every member of our team works at home on a different day every month — any day except Wednesdays, that is. We have to complete as a team at least once a week for staff meetings or company lunches.

Not every organization can afford to let employees work from home. Ours allows it, partly because our tasks, like email support or programming, are often doable wherever there is wi-fi. Working from home is a nice break for us. It’s a day that we look forward to and keeps our daily routine from feeling too mundane, even if it’s just once a week.

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