Introducing the new Akubo User Interface

We recently released the new Akubo user interface (UI) and we want to show you the basics of what’s new and what’s changed.


The new UI has new tabs, and some previous tabs have been renamed or moved.

The Details tab and Relationships tab are now in the middle section where you’ll also see sections for Notes, Education and Work.  The Notes section is what used to be the Notes field contained in the Details tab.  The Education and Work sections are for storing the school and work history of a contact.

Some of the previous tabs have new names —

Donations is now called Giving and you can now see a summary range of the giving history and there are new buttons for  adding donations and editing/deleting donations.blog_newui_2Activity Log is now called Connection and you can filter the list by the type of activity.


And we have some new tabs —

The List tab is where you can create different types of lists.  For example, you may want to track the interests and concerns of a particular donor.  The first step is to create your list types in the Custom Fields section in the Settings page settings.


Once you have your List types defined, you can create lists for your contacts.


The Files tab is where you can add files to a contact record.  You can add various types of files including PDF, Microsoft Office files and image files.


The Memberships tab is where you can add a contact to a membership (e.g. alumni member, club member).  You will need to first create your membership types in the Memberships sections before you can add contacts to a membership.


Once you have your membership types defined, you can add your contacts to a membership.

blog_newui_9 blog_newui_8


We hope the new UI and the new features help improve the overall experience of using Akubo.  We welcome feedback and suggestions!

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