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Out of the 80+ provinces in the Philippines, how many can you remember? If you can barely list down half, our newest app might just help you learn our lands better!

We’re happy to announce the recent launch of its new educational app — PH Geography: Learn and Play Map, the third release under our Esturya for Kids series!

Last year, the Akubo team formed a collaborative project with Seventh Films, a local production house led by acclaimed filmmaker Jay Abello. We’ve started on a mission to inspire nationalism and love for our rich culture. So together we built Esturya for Kids (“Stories for Kids”), a series of learning apps that combines several things we love: code, design, storytelling, and all things Filipino.

Simple yet visually rich, PH Geography is built to do what it should do: to give primary school children and adults alike a colorful, easy way to learn our country’s provinces and capitals.


To keep its simplicity, the app has no complex features or unnecessary games. Instead, the user can choose to either study province names in the Learn mode first, or switch to Guess mode for a short memory quiz.


PH Geography joins the first two apps in the series, Inting and Butud, which are both interactive storybooks that teach kids the Philippines’ widely spoken dialects, Tagalog and Ilonggo.

“Esturya is our special projects unit,” Robin Abello, head of the Esturya for Kids series and founder of Akubo Software, says, “where we also do R&D and learn techniques that we use for our other products.”

You can download PH Geography for free at the App Store. The Inting and Butud storybooks are also available (Ilonggo, Tagalog). For more information, visit!

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