Introducing Akubo V2

Today we turned on Akubo V2.  You’ll find the link to try out the newly designed interface on the main page.  It’s still in beta so let us know if you find any bugs or missing features that you’re used to in V1.

link to v2

Our goal for V2 is for simplification and also efficiency — and we mean efficiency not just in using the interface (e.g. finding things) but also improving the performance of the application.  In V1, we took some liberties in loading up a lot of data when you initially login to Akubo and that affected the performance for clients who have very large data sets.  So in V2, we’ve redesigned how the login works in terms of reducing the amount of data being initially loaded to speed up the load time.  And V2 is touch-friendly for tablets, so one of our goals is to make this usable for your iPad and other tablets.

In the next few weeks we’ll be introducing more specific features in V2, but here are some basics to help with getting around the new interface.

The sections on the main screen contain mini tile sections that you can click on (or touch) to see links to other sub-sections.

V2 sub sections

There are + signs for adding transactions (donations/sales) and activity logs:

V2 adding trans and activity

Clicking (or touching) the others icon brings up a window for the other Akubo pages

v2 others link

V2 others tiles

When viewing a listing of contacts or transactions, there’s a show/hide column feature that allows you to choose what columns to display.  And you can save your choice of columns by clicking on the Save button right above the show/hide link.

V2 show-hide columns

And finally, there’s a link to easily go back to V1 if you needed to:

V2 back to V1

We look forward to getting your feedback and please email us at if you find bugs and/or missing features.  We’ll do our best to respond quickly to make the transition to V2 as easy as possible for everyone.  After the beta period, we will make V2 the default user interface for all Akubo users, and at that point we will announce the date when we will end support for V1.

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you!


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