Sort your contacts easily by Helpful Lists

One of the things we want Akubo to do is to make work easier. When you have over a thousand names in your list, email addresses, birthdays, or profiles, it’s a challenge to sort them out by detail: who’s having their birthday next month? Who started donating since last year? Which clients do not have their email address listed in your database?

Akubo lets you get to what you need through its feature — Helpful Lists.

HLIST 1 Lists

The first list is called Find Duplicates.

HLIST 2 Find Duplicates

At one point you’re bound to have maybe two records of the same person or email address.

Perhaps you keep records of different organizations under the same listed name (e.g. The President, Manager).

Use the Find Duplicates section to clear confusion and make sure you’re reaching out to the right person or organization.


HLIST 3 Email Opt Out

The Email Opt Out section lists everyone that has unsubscribed to any email campaigns or e-newsletters that you send.


HLIST 4 Birthday

Helpful Lists also lists which donors joined last month, in 2013, or in the year before (Donors, New Donors, Lapsed Donors).

You’ll find the basics as well, like a sorted list of your contacts by birthday or gender.

HLIST 5 Donors

We designed Helpful Lists to make your workflow much easier. Now you can send out birthday greetings, plan your email marketing campaigns, make quick assessments of your database, and have more work done in less time.

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