You create an email, send them away and came back with “bounced” ones. Isn’t it a bit frustrating? Spending much time and effort making them and found out the intended recipients didn’t actually get to receive it.

But WHY?

There are several types and reasons for bounced emails.

Soft bounce emails refer to ones that were caused by TEMPORARY issues such as Server failure, Full mailboxes of recipient or Out-of-office messages/auto replies. Most of these issues can be resolved in a short period of time or  resolved by its own.

On the other hand, Hard bounce emails are ones caused by invalid/non-existent email recipients.

Cleaning up bounced emails may not be the nice part in maintaining good marketing strategy – but trust me, you wouldn’t want to get those things piled up which makes it a struggle to clean up.

So… HOW?

Here’s what you can do with bounced emails with Akubo:

On your Akubo Homepage, click on “EMAILS” panel (located at the center of the screen). All emails will be displayed then, together with a quick status report on the right side.

Click on “View Report” button to view full details of email status, including bounced emails and total opens (number of times the email was opened/viewed).

On “Display Only” drop down menu, select “bounced” to filter only bounced emails.

As soon as all bounced emails are displayed, click on the name to open a Contact Pop Up field to modify email address.


Got more questions? Check out our Akubo User Guide to learn more!




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