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Everything you need to grow your donors, run a fundraising, and generate reports. The easy way.

Raise more money, save more time, and keep everything organized with Akubo Fundraising and Donor Management

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store all your donations, soft-credits, and gifts in one place. Akubo it easier to track campaigns, check the donation history of your donors, and produce reports


record donor information such as address, contact information. You can customized fields to meet organizational needs. Log the interaction you’ve had with your donors or create relationships between donors for referrals. Organize donors by putting them into groups and sub-groups.

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Run & Track Fundraising Campaigns

Do you have a campaign in mind? How much is your turnover on a particular campaign? With Akubo, you can be able to track every donation madeunder that campaign.


Get Analytics

How many did you collect this month? this year? What about last year? How many donors do you have living in this zip code? Generate reports in Akubo with just a few clicks


Easy Donation Receipts

Strengthen your connection with your donors. Acknowledge every donation and make them feel appreciated by sending receipts and thank you letter.


Host and Manage Events

create online registration page for your paid and free events. Your guest can have the option to pay online. Widen your reach by sharing the event on social media and get notified for every registration and ticket sale.


Communicate with your donors

engage your current and prospect donors by keeping in constant communication through emails, newsletters or snail mail. Make it more personalized by using data fields that gets filled up as soon the email has been sent.


Secure Online Fundraising

make it easier for your donors to donate by having your own online donation form on your websites. Payments can be done through PayPal or Payments are automatically stored in Akubo.


comes in with PayPal and integration for online ticket purchases. It also with the option to pay by check or pay at the event day.