For Canadian Customers : Canada’s new Anti-Spam Law

For our customers in Canada (and our non-Canadian customers who send commercial email to Canada-based recipients), with the new Canadian anti-spam law becoming effective July 1st, we are implementing a feature that you can use to request a confirmed opt-in from your email recipients.

The feature is implemented via a special tag [optin-link] you can include in your email and the tag will be displayed as a clickable link that will allow your customers to confirm opting-in to your email communications.

Below is a sample email message that may be sent to your recipients and this sample message includes the special tag at the bottom of the message.

Please confirm that you want to receive emails from 
<your organization name>.

Effective July 1, 2014, Canada's new anti-spam legislation requires us to secure your consent so that we can continue communicating with you electronically with messages that may include information of a commercial nature.

Our relationship with you is something we value and we hope we can continue providing information that is relevant to you.

Please use the following link below to provide consent and confirm opting-in to continue receiving our emails.


The special tag will appear as a clickable link and it will take your recipients to a page where they can confirm opting-in to continue receiving your emails.

IMPORTANT:  After you’ve sent out the email requesting your recipients to opt-in, you can then restrict emails from Akubo to be sent only to your recipients who have confirmed opting-in.  To do so, click on the checkbox labeled “Only Send Emails to Confirmed Opt-In Recipients” in the Email Preview Page.


As you add new email recipients to your Akubo database, you can send them the confirmation email (make sure you don’t have the checkbox labeled “Only Send Emails to Confirmed Opt-In Recipients” when you send out this confirmation email), and once you’ve received their confirmation, you can include them in your future emails.

We also added 2 new options in the Helpful List section for viewing a list of your email recipients who have confirmed opting-in, and viewing a list of your email recipients to send the email optin-in request to.


Hope this helps ensure your email communications with your customers, constituents, donors and supporters comply with Canada’s new Anti-Spam law.  Please let us know if you have any questions by emailing us at

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