You can enter more than one email address in the same email address box and just put a comma between the email addresses.
You can only attach 1 file. But instead of attaching files, one option is to use document links on your email. By doing this you can essentially include links to multiple documents on your email.
a) In the compose email window, highlight the text (e.g. Click here to download the flyer) then click on the link icon (looks like a chain) b) Click "Browse Server" c) Clcik on the "Files" folder on the left column and click on Upload and browse your file on your computer, click Open and wait for the file to be uploaded. d) Once you see the file uploaded to the "Files" folder, double-click on the file and click OK. e) Repeat the steps to add more document links to your email
We suggest using document links instead of sending a large files as an attachment (see the steps above for using documnet links instead of email attachments). Note that there is a limit in the size you can upload onto Akubo. If you reach that limit, you can either upload your file onto your website and use the link (URL) to that file on your Akubo email, or use a service like Dropbox ( Dropbox allows you to put files in a public folder and Dropbox gives you a link/URL that you can include in your Akubo email.
Yes, you can print your email. At the compose message screen, there is a printer icon among the document formatting icons.