1. TRANSACTIONS (Donations / Sales)

- What if I would like to see donations or sales at a certain period only? What do I do?
Click on the Menu icon on the Transaction tile to display the viewing options. Akubo has options to displays sales for the last 7 days, this month or last month or enter a custom date range.
Options are also available for this year and last year.

-How can we better record in-kind donations, those that have peso/dollar valuation and those that do not? How can we reflect in-kind donations in the reports and in the tables/charts?
For in-kind donations you can also use a donation amount of 0. This is being practiced by our US clients where in-kind donations cannot be given a monetary value by the recipient organization. Should you wish to put a monetary value in-kind donations, you can create a category called "in-kind donations" were you can record all the donations given in-kind to keep track of amounts whether it be cash or in-kind.

- How can we tell if we had sent a customer (or a donor) an email or an invoice or a receipt?
We log an entry in the customer's (or donor's) activity log for email messages sent, and invoices or receipts sent via email.


- How can search by phone number?
You can search by phone number by entering the phone number in the search box and clicking on the Universal Search button.

-How can we search by street address?
You can search by street address by entering the street address in the search box and clicking on the Universal Search button.

-How can we search for contacts that don't have an email address?
In the Contacts menu (click on the Menu icon of the Contacts tile) click on "Helpful Lists" and there is an option there for searching for contacts with no email addresses.

-How can we search for contacts who have birthdays coming up?
In the Contacts menu (click on the Menu icon of the Contacts tile) click on "Helpful Lists" and there is an option there for searching for contacts with birthdays this month, or next month.

-How do we enter the names of a married couple?
If they have the same last name, you can enter their first names in the first name box (e.g. John and Mary). If they have different last names, we typically suggesting either using the Household Members tab for entering the name of the spouse, or entering the name of the spouse in the Org/Company field.

-How can we delete a Contact?

There are 2 steps to delete a contact:

First, you can change the status to "Remove" (in the Status box) when you're viewing a contact. Or to delete mulitple contacts at the same time, put a checkmark on the contacts that you want to delete and click on the "Delete" link.

Second, after you've done the above step, the contact goes into the Recycle Bin. To permanently delete the contact(s), click on "Recycle Bin" (from the Contacts menu) and put a checkmark on the contacts you want to permanently remove and click on "Permanently Delete".

-How do I delete a group?
You can go to the Settings page and under the 'Groups' you can delete a group by clicking on the red X across the group name.

-Can we import (transfer) our contacts data from Outlook or similar software?
You can import your contacts data from Outlook (or similar software) by exporting your contacts list into a csv file (see importing from Outlook, Gmail and other email/address book applications).

For other types of data, contacts us for customized data import (transfer) services.

-How can we edit multiple contact records at the same time?

There is a global edit feature that you can access from the contacts list page (in the "SELECT Action" dropdown). For example if you want to change the address of contacts who belong to an organization, bring up a listing of those contacts (you can either search for them or bring up a listing via Contacts Menu > Org/Company) and when the contact list comes up, put a checkmark on all the contacts (by clicking on the checkbox on the column header) and click on "SELECT Action" and choose "Global Edit". You will then see the Global Edit form.

-Is it possible to include the following fields in the donor data sheet: TIN number (for tax purposes) and date of birth of the donor?

Yes, it is possible to include fields in the donor data sheet. This feature is available in the Settings page under the "General Configuration" tab and "Custom Fields" section. Click on "Edit Fields" and under the "Status/Details" tab add the desired field that you want. However, the birthday field is already a standard field (in the Details section).

-What is the purpose of setting a contact's status as "Hidden"?

If you have contacts that you no longer wish to be active (e.g. you don't want to contact them anymore via email or regular mail) but you would like to retain their records for historical purposes, you can change their status to be "hidden". When you mark them as "hidden" you will not be able to search for them. But you can bring up all your "hidden" contacts by going to the Contacts menu > Status > Hidden.


-Can we restrict access to our Akubo account beyond usernames and passwords?

Yes, you can further restrict access to your Akubo account by IP addresses. Go to the Settings page and under the Security tab you'll see text boxes where you enter a specific (or a range) of allowed IP addresses and denied IP addresses.

-What happens if someone tries to access my Akubo account?

The administrator of your Akubo account will immediately get an email notification for a failed login attempt. Your Akubo account will also get locked out for 5 minutes after 5 failed login attempts.

-How can I change my password?

At the Akubo main page, click on the Settings link located at the upper right hand corner of the screen. Then go to 'Account Summary' tab where you can change your password.

-I lost my password. How can I recover it?

If you lost or forgot your password, click on the 'Forget your password?" link at the login page (https://www.akubocrm.com/login/) below the Password field. You will be prompted for your Organization Login, Username and Email. Enter your information and click submit. The system will send you an email with a link to a page to reset your password.

-I don't remember my login info. How can I recover it?

When you did the initial setup of your account, the Akubo system automatically sent you your login credentials on the email addressed that you used. If you cannot locate the email you can contact us at http://www.akubocrm.com/contactus.php or at support@akubo.com.

-Can we create login users that can only see records and not make any changes/edits?

Yes, go to the Settings page and under the 'General Configuration' tab you can create login users that do not have Edit privileges. These login users can view contact records but will not be allowed to make changes.


-What is the difference between Tasks and cases?

A Cases is simply a task that is associated to a contact. Typically you would use Tasks for creating tasks for yourself or for any of your staff (who also have Akubo login accounts). A example of a Task would be *pick up business cards from printer*. An example of a Case would be *Joun Smith's order to be shipped on Monday*. Tasks and Cases have a field indicating the status as New, In-Progress, Done and Deferred.

-What is the difference between Notes and Letters?

Notes are for storing internal documents for yourself or shared among your staff (who also have Akubo login accounts) or to the public (via shared public URLs). Letters are for publishing and printing documents for your contacts groups. Mail-merge features are available for Letters so you can automatically insert data fields like *name, address, organization* in your letter.

-Can we export to Quickbooks?

Yes, Akubo can export data to Quickbooks in IIF Format.

-Can we export our information?

Yes, you can export your Akubo information into CSV (opens in Excel) and RTF (opens in Microsoft Word) files.

-How secure is my organization's data in Akubo?

Akubo uses the same security encryption that financial institutions use to protect their data much more than your typical email accounts and Facebook which is only protected by your account login and password. With Akubo you get an email alert if someone is trying to get into your account by guessing your password and the account gets locked after several unsuccessful attempts. And you can also further restrict access by location.

-How can we add an activity log entry for multiple contact records at the same time?

There is an Add an Activity feature that you can access from the contacts listing page (in the "SELECT Action" dropdown). For example if you want to add an activity log entry for contacts who belong to an organization (e.g. if you had a meeting with all of them today), bring up a listing of those contacts (you can either search for them or bring up a listing via the Contacts menu > Org/Company) and when the contact list comes up, put a checkmark on all the contacts (by clicking on the checkbox in the column header) and click on "SELECT Action" and choose "Add an Activity". You will then see the Add an Activity form and when you submit that form, all the contacts you had chosen will get a new activity log entry.

-Can we sort activity logs according to user?

Yes, just click on the column name with Sort icon.

-Can multiple entries be entered on customized fields?

Yes, multiple entries can be separated by a comma.

-What is the maximum file size that can be uploaded to Akubo using My Files?

3MB for files (csv, doc, docx, pdf, ppt, pptx, rtf, xls, xlsx, txt, zip), 5MB for images (bmp, gif, jpeg, jpg, png).


-How do we enter more than one email address?

You can enter more than one email address in the same email address box and just put a comma between the email addresses.

-When we send out a mass email via Akubo if 2 or more contacts have the same email address, will they get the email more than once?

No, Akubo will only send the email once to the same email address.

-How can we attach more than 1 file to an email?

You can only attach 1 file. But instead of attaching files, one option is to use document links on your email. By doing this you can essentially include links to multiple documents on your email.

Here's how to use document links instead of email attachments:

a) In the compose email window, highlight the text (e.g. Click here to download the flyer) then click on the link icon (looks like a chain)
b) Click "Browse Server"
c) Clcik on the "Files" folder on the left column and click on Upload and browse your file on your computer, click Open and wait for the file to be uploaded.
d) Once you see the file uploaded to the "Files" folder, double-click on the file and click OK.
e) Repeat the steps to add more document links to your email

-Is it OK to send a large as an attachment?

We suggest using document links instead of sending a large files as an attachment (see the steps above for using documnet links instead of email attachments).

Note that there is a limit in the size you can upload onto Akubo. If you reach that limit, you can either upload your file onto your website and use the link (URL) to that file on your Akubo email, or use a service like Dropbox (www.dropbox.com). Dropbox allows you to put files in a public folder and Dropbox gives you a link/URL that you can include in your Akubo email.

-Can we print out emails so we can send it through snail mail?

Yes, you can print your email. At the compose message screen, there is a printer icon among the document formatting icons.


-Can we pay by check?

Yes, check payments are accepted for yearly subscriptions.

-Does Akubo charge extra for integration of online payment?

No, this service is free. However, Akubo subscribers pay fees to the merchant account provider (e.g. Paypal, others).

-Do you offer training?

Yes, Akubo offers an onsite training package (cost will vary depending on location and number of participants). Please contact us for more details.

-Can we get phone support?

To keep our software subscription costs low, we encourage using our email support (support@akubo.com) from 9 AM to 5 PM EST, Monday to Friday. But on special cases (which we determine on an as-need basis) we can do a phone support call with you.

-Do you offer a live/online support mechanism if ever there are concerns encountered in the processing of data?

We primarily offer email support with a quick turn-around for support questions. For more urgent matters that may require phone support, you can send us an email asking for an immediate call-back and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

-How many login user accounts can we create? How many contact records can we store on Akubo?

Akubo Premium - up to 100 login user accounts and 100,000 contacts
Akubo Pro 10 - up to 10 login user accounts and 10,000 contacts
Akubo Pro 5 - up to 5 login user accounts and 5,000 contacts
Akubo Basic - up to 2 login user accounts and 2,000 contacts

-If I enrolled in Basic account then after a year my contacts increased to more than 2,000 do I just get an upgrade?

If we notice you're going beyond your limits, we will send you a notice to do an upgrade. The limit for Akubo Basic is 2,000 contacts if you go beyond that the next step is Akubo Pro 5 (up to 5,000 contacts). Or you can also request for an upgrade anytime.

-How can we Cancel our Akubo account?

You can cancel your Akubo account by sending an email to support@akubocrm.com with the following info -last 4 digits fo the credit card you used to pay for your Akubo subscription (only needed if you paid by credit card), and you phone number. After we receive your request, we will verify your request via email or a phone call and you will receive your pro-rated refund for the months remaining in your subscription (monthly subscriptions are not eligible for refunds). Refunds checks will be sent by mail within 4 weeks after your account has been cancelled.

-If we decide to terminate the use of the system, what happens to the database?

Your database will be terminated 6 months after you cancel your account.