Email Templates, Receipts, Navigation Dock

Product updates and news from the Akubo Team.

Email Templates

We just added Email Templates to help you craft the eye-catching email campaigns you’ve been wanting to do on Akubo. We’re initially starting out with 9 email templates and we encourage you to try them out with your email campaigns. You also have the ability to switch to HTML view on the Compose Email window and edit the design to your liking.


You can now easily print and email receipts for sales/donations. As you enter a sale/donation transaction, you will have the option to designate it for creating a receipt and generate a receipt for printing or emailing. Receipts can also be published in PDF or RTF (opens in MS Word) format.

Navigation Dock

The Main Page has been updated with a dock for easy access to the various features of Akubo. Check it out and tell us what you think.

Custom Fields in Letters (Mail Merge)

We added custom fields among the merge fields you can reference in your Letters.


Testimonial from Fruition Gifts

Dorothy Vitrano from Fruition Gifts recently sent us this nice testimonial about Akubo:

“I like using Akubo. I especially like the way the groups are highlighted in different colors. Using Akubo helped me notice important trends about our business that got lost when just looking at a regular spreadsheet.”


We hope these enhancements help in making your Akubo experience even better. And, as always, we appreciate your feedback.

The Akubo Team