Email Marketing Reports – Track Open Rate and Bounces

We just added some Email Marketing Reports to help you track your email campaigns.

The simple report shows the following:

Bounced Email – Shows you the email addresses that bounced back and the reason why the email address was rejected
Total Opens – How many times your email has been opened (this counts cumulative opens including the same email recipient opening your email multiple times)
Total Unique Opens – How many recipients opened your email (an email recipient who opens your email multiple times is only counted once)

Note that for Total Opens and Total Unique Opens, we can only track opening of emails from html capable email readers. Emails that are opened as text only are not tracked and some email recipients may have their email security settings set to block email open tracking. It is likely that your email open rate may be higher than what is reflected in the report.

We hope these enhancements help in your email campaigns. And, as always, we appreciate your feedback.