Customer Spotlight : Concordia Children’s Services

Concordia Children’s Services has been using Akubo since 2012.

What influenced your team to use Akubo?

“Since Concordia was established in 1983, we had no technology to record donor profiles and to well manage our communication with them. As time passed by, our number of donors continued to grow, which made it a challenge to make donor communication in place and working. Our founder initiated the use of Akubo as our first CRM technology.”

Were there any specific challenges that your team resolved after the use of a CRM software?

  1. Unorganized data. Our donor profiles were only recorded in a computer spreadsheet program and saved to different hard drives.
  2. No back-up of donor database. Our files that were saved to different hard drives got corrupted. Now with Akubo, we are more secured as it is constantly backing up our data which can be accessed anytime and anywhere on the cloud.
  3. Donor information are not updated. It is now easier and accessible to retrieve and modify the donor’s information anytime we need to.
  4. Manual documentation. The Concordia team is more productive with Akubo. Our time and energy is saved for more important tasks to accomplish.
  5. Less client communication. With a more organized donor contacts and history of giving, we are able to effectively recognize and communicate with them about renewing their giving.
How did your team first learn of Akubo?
Our founder initiated the use of Akubo to Concordia Team. He learned this from other NGOs that were using the same technology.
Tell us about a typical day for you and the team.
Our Communications Staff is the one in-charge to record donor contacts weekly and to submit gathered data to the Executive Director. Also, she constantly schedules sending out of birthday greetings to donors. We also use this program (Akubo) to send our quarterly newsletter and email blast to all donors.

We have already created 2 events in Akubo and did marketing there!

How is the working relationship between your team and the customer support of Akubo?
It is excellent! Their software engineers, especially Ms. Sandy, are very attentive to all our needs. In fact, she often assists us in drafting our newsletter in HTML format.
How far would you say has the organization gone since it began to use Akubo?
We have improved our donor communication using Akubo and this resulted to increased number of donors and their giving too!
Would you recommend Akubo to other NGOs/organizations?
YES! Absolutely! In fact, Concordia has been introducing Akubo to other NGOs, considering all of the benefits of this program.
In what areas do Akubo need to improve? Or are there any features you would like or expect to see in the CRM eventually?
We would love if Akubo could integrate mobile text blast since the easiest technology to communicate is through use of smart phones.
Also, we would appreciate if they could improve the feature where we can attach our official receipts when we send our thank you letters.

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