Customer Spotlight: Caritas Manila

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The winds had barely blown Haiyan out of the country when various organizations, both local and international, started calls for action. Family members were missing, homes ruined, fear rising, help desperately needed. One of these organizations was Caritas Manila, the social services arm of the Archdiocese of Manila.

In a mission to replace poverty with productivity, Caritas Manila relies on donations and people’s support to, in turn, support more people. With Akubo, they can create reports based on their database to get a bird’s eye view of their donors: who lives in what city, how old they are, which causes they support most, how often they donate, how much, even why.

In the wake of Typhoon Haiyan, the team had immediately sent out email blasts through Akubo, calling for help — cash, food, clothes, water. Every pledge is collated, every cash donation tracked.

The responses to their e-blasts had been just as immediate. Since November, Caritas Manila has prepared thousands of relief bags and helped over 130,000 families in 10 dioceses, from Palawan to Samar. Even now, the relief assistance continues: only last month, the Church nonprofit held a fundraising concert at the Manila Cathedral to rebuild several churches in Eastern Visayas.

Like a business needs its customers, Caritas Manila knows that everything from the basics down to the little details counts if they plan to keep successful donor relationships. With Akubo, they easily maintain their donor database and their campaigns to put various projects, like the Haiyan recovery campaign, into motion.

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