Customer Spotlight : Anargyroi Foundation

Tell us a bit about the organization’s background

The Foundation is an independent organization that manages donations and exclusively supports the UST Faculty of Medicine and Surgery to sustain and aid the initiatives influencing administration, faculty, students, support staff and patients.

Its dynamic Board of Trustees is composed of representatives from UST Administration FMS, UST Hospital, Alumni Association, and Alumni & Friends. The Foundation works hand-in-hand with the Development Office, which serves as its implementing arm.

“Anargyroi” is a Greek word meaning ‘penniless ones’. In the 3rd century, twin brothers Cosmas and Damian were revered with this name because they refused to accept payments for healing the sick. They insisted it was Christ doing the healing.

Anargyroi: FMS Foundation, Inc. is in honor of the two philanthropists, the patron saints of UST Faculty of Medicine and Surgery.

Top (L-R): Dr. Larry King, Dr. Bee Giok Tan-Sales, Dr. Karen Capuz, Dr. Tim Trinidad, Dr. Josefino Sanchez, Dr. Norberto
Martinez, Dr. Myra Caja, Dr. Patrick Moral, Dr. Wilhelmina Mercado, Dr. Peregrina Gonzaga, Dr. Consuelo Suarez, Dr. Tricia
Bautista, Ms. Annette Ward
Bottom (L-R): Dr. Clifton Pe, Dr. Romy Diaz, Dr. Corazon Gemil, Fr. Angel Aparicio, Ms. Mayan Quebral, Dr. Ma. Lourdes
Maglinao, Dr. Willie Lagdameo, Dr. Charles Cuaso, Dr. Estrellita Ruiz

What influenced your team to use Akubo CRM?

“The team was influenced to use the software in hopes for a better grasp of the Foundation’s database and e-newsletter blast that keeps our alumni updated with the movements here in the University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, and the Foundation’s projects and programs. We have been using Akubo since July 2020.”

Were there any specific challenges that your team resolved after the use of a CRM software?

“One of the specific challenges resolved was bridging the gap between the alumni and the Foundation. They got to know more about the Foundation’s mission when we were able to communicate through the CRM software.”

How did your team first learn of Akubo?

“The team first learned of Akubo through our Fundraising Consultant, Ms. Mayan Quebral. We chose it over other because it has a friendly interface and the support that we receive from the Akubo team is invaluable, given that we are operating under trying times.”

Do you have ongoing projects/partnership programs in your organization? Tell us about it and how using Akubo has been a part of that process.

“Recently, we have called out for a donation drive for the Thomasian Doctors who were affected during the Typhoons Rolly and Ulysses. We sent out our call-to-action through Akubo’s CRM software and our usual bi-monthly e-newsletters, that keeps us in touch with our alumni.”

Tell us about a typical day for you and the team.

“Our mornings usually start with either coffee or tea. Our Executive Director – Prof. Annette Ward – usually drinks her tea, goes out in the morning to go to the UST Santisimo Parish Church, as she would like to say that it prepares her for the day. I usually go for black coffee on Mondays to prepare me for the week.

We go on with our day, ready to face the tasks at hand or projects that need to be accomplished. We have the bi-monthly newsletter which is often discussed during our weeks to have a prepared story in hand. I usually have it laid out through Akubo to have Prof. Ward approve the stories we have to release.

Prof. Ward and I also strategize on small scale fundraising campaigns for our projects and programs.”

Around 10 AM, UST FMS Regent Rev. Fr. Angel Aparicio visits our office to offer guidance on the Foundation’s current track and future path. And if her schedule permits, the UST FMS Dean offers her time to talk about how we can deepen our relationship with our valued alumni and the Foundation’s matters.

We also often have meetings with the UST FMS social media and website team to have a uniform stance of the marketing of the institution and the organization as well.

How is the working relationship between your team and the customer support of Akubo?

My working relationship with the customer support of Akubo is great! Ms. Rochele Bagasala replies whenever we have queries or suggestions to improve our website or CRM experience. Ms. Mila Fe is also commendable as she resolves our website entries at a moment’s notice.

It has been great working with Akubo for the past several months.

How far would you say has Anargyroi gone since the organization began to use Akubo?

We have come so far. Our reach towards the target audience grew from baby steps to strides – all because of the CRM feature of the software. We were able to reach 2,000 alumni all at once!