CRM Feature Updates

What's New in Akubo?

May 2024

  • Import: fixed donation date
  • Memberships: fixed contact information display

February 2024

  • Thank You email: Fixed issue with Google Chrome browser

January 2024

  • Memberships: Fixed date joined issue
  • Transactions: Fixed date format in Import

October 2023

  • Additional security feature: Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

August 2023

  • Membership: No renewal - allowed adding of membership fee

December 2022

  • Fixed numpad entry in Birthday field
  • Fixed image upload in (double spaces coding)
  • Added Draft Emails for emails created via
  • Added Email Usage in Email Reports


  • Added new email editor:

December 2018

  • Export - Contacts to CSV | added an option to 'Select ALL' fields in the 'Fields to Export' section

September 2018

  • Events
    • Create summary page for event showing the following
    • event registration summary (how many invited, how many registered, total amount from registration, breakdown of total registration by ticket type, by forms of payment)
    • 2 bar graphs (by day) of event registrations (by amount, by number of registrations)
    • If the event is a free event, there will only be 1 bar graph and the event summary will not have total amounts.

August 2018

  • Emails | New Email Editor (beta version)

July 2018

  • Memberships
    • made it easier to add a contact to a membership (from the contacts listing, have an "Add to Membership" just like an "Add to group")
    • added a "Remove from Membership" button in the Contact listing page
    • added Membership in the show/hide column
    • when adding a contact, they can designate immediately if the contact is a member
    • a better solution that's tied in closely to the activity log is maybe we just have one listing for the membership in this tab, but have a quick way to show the history of their membership on this tab
    • make membership to be more visible right on the first tab, just like how we have groups
    • need the list of memberships the contact belongs to (which is most likely just going to be one membership since this is just for one organization's database) and we can click on that membership name and bring up the details
    • will not be having Membership tab anymore
  • Envelopes | Enable adding of logos on envelopes

June 2018

  • Dashboard - Main Page | Enabled user to customize the tiles to display in the main page (see Settings page - Home Preference)
  • Contact Pop-Up
    • Extended ‘Organization' field max length to 200 characters to store long texts
    • Giving tab - made the soft-credits clickable in the history listing (donor’s side)
    • Giving tab - included total income and total expense on the giving summary
  • Memberships
    • added ’Select Membership' option in the contact pop-up (next to ’Select group'
    • Made it easier to get a list of members who are lapsed, or members who are about to expire, etc.
    • added a Membership tile with the following options:
      • filter by Status
      • filter by Membership Type
      • filter by Renewal Date
    • modified the look of membership page
    • make it easier to email members
    • added an option to add 'New Member’ from the Members listing page
    • added a count of active, inactive, lapsed and total members on the Membership Levels page

April 2018

  • Export - Transactions | Added 'Gender’ in the fields to export

March 2018

  • Export - Contacts to CSV | Added Custom Status on fields to export
  • Export - Activity Logs | Add Custom Fields
  • Create Receipts (listing page) | showed # of days a transaction (marked for receipt) has not yet been issued a receipt --- if customer has multiple transactions, calculated the days based on the oldest transaction
  • Transaction (listing page) | ‘Filter By” dropdown - added category as an option (will show drop-down of categories — sorted alphabetically)
  • Dashboard - Notifications | Added delinquent memberships, dues to collect and upcoming events
  • Activity Logs (listing page) | Added searching of activity logs
  • Invoices
    • Create Invoice (listing page) | showed # of days a transaction (to be invoiced) has not been invoiced yet --- if customer listing has multiple transactions, calculate the days based on the oldest transaction.
    • View Unpaid Invoices (listing page) | showed # of days an invoice has not been paid (based on the date of the invoice)

Feb 2018

  • display transaction count and transaction amount per contact when export transactions
  • special access to user that will only create email templates

Nov 2017

  • show total number of invoices to create/unpaid invoices and total amount

Oct 2017

  • add edit and copy url buttons on the event page

Sept 2017

  • add notes column on the listing page
  • RESET button for resetting columns on the listing page
  • add option under SELECT ACTION to remove soft-credits
  • option to show relationships on the search results
  • starred contacts

Aug 2017

  • image rotation on ckeditor
  • display donor loyalty on giving tab

Jul 2017

  • add gender field to export
  • have notification tile on the main page

Mar 2017

  • indicate total number of pending and paid tickets/sales for Manage Guest
  • update Export Guest List

Feb 2017

  • added option to email an event
  • update Settings page

Dec 2016

  • sort amount when viewing invoices and receipts
  • add Contact ID field for export transactions
  • when viewing contacts by group, added option to remove contacts from group

Nov 2016

  • added labels and rename/remove group button on the listing page
  • include relationship search in Advanced Search

Oct 2016

  • Contact Donor Profile Report

Sept 2016

  • Export Products data to csv
  • Add a file to tasks/cases

Aug 2016

  • Beta for V2 now available to everyone

July 2016

  • Export transactions by campaign
  • Export email report
  • Added new mobile-friendly stock email templates

June 2016

  • Print Year Transactions for Contact Report

May 2016

  • updated CKEditor

April 2016

  • Added Grid view to Tasks/Cases Listing page

March 2016

  • Last Renewal date column in Membership Listing

Feb 2016

  • Listing of Recently Searched and Opened Contacts

Jan 2016

  • Contacts Report by custom field

Dec 2015

  • Reassign transaction button in the transaction window --- you can now reassign a transaction to another contact right when you're viewing the transaction

Nov 2015

  • Confirm box when deleting contacts (shows the # of contacts to be deleted)
  • Listing of Recently Deleted contacts

Oct 2015

  • Export to CSV the results of an import
  • Multi-level marketing Report

Sept 2015

  • Opportunities page has a new format

Aug 2015

  • Household birthdays now display in the birthday calendar (from the helpful list menu)t
  • New Advanced Seach page

July 2015

  • Create receipts from the Giving/Sales Tab
  • Import and Update via CSV file now supports matching by Name and Email Address
  • Update Groups via a CSV file --- you can now update (and remove) contacts from Groups via a CSV file

June 2015

  • Copy button in giving/sales tab --- when viewing a donation/sale, click on the copy button and it will create a new record with the same values
  • Assign credit button in giving/sales tab
  • Enable/Disable Display Limit (for contacts search listing) --- in the Settings page, you can set this value to limit the number of search results when doing a contacts search listing

May 2015

  • Import Relationships from a csv file
  • Summary in giving/sales tab now shows yearly totals
  • Added sort by Zip Code option for Letters Mail Merge

April 2015

  • Donation/Sales summary for related contacts (in relationship tab)

March 2015

Nov 2014

  • Export current view to CSV --- when viewing contacts and transactions you can now easily export to CSV (e.g. bring up a transactions listing by campaign, by status, etc. and just click on export to CSV to directly export the current view to a CSV file)
  • View Contacts by Transaction (Sales/Donations) Levels (added in Helpful List section) --- set the Transactions Levels in the Settings page
  • Find duplicates by last name and first initial

Oct 2014

  • Change Organization name displayed in emails

Aug 2014

  • Added option to Email to All contacts (instead of having to choose groups or individuals as recipients)

July 2014

  • Opt-in feature to comply with Canada SPAM law

May 2014

  • Transactions weekly comparison by category report

April 2014

  • Units --- add contacts to Family or Organization units
  • Birthday Calendar (in Helpful Lists)

March 2014

  • Reassign a Case
  • Deceased status for a contact

Nov 2013

  • Search Activity Logs - you can now do a search in the activity logs listing page. The search includes name, org/company and the activity log memo.

Oct 2013

  • Search Transactions (donations/sales) - you can now do a search in the transactions listing page. The search includes name, org/company and the transaction memo.
  • Soft Credits - Associate a transaction (donation/sale) to another contact record as a soft credit (amount of donation/sale doesn't get included in the total amounts).

Sept 2013

  • Snapshot Report (by Frequency, by Amount, Previous Year Comparison, New vs. Old Customers/Donors, Repeating Customers/Donors)
  • New fields in Transactions (SubCategory, Starred and Private Memo)

August 2013

  • Find Duplicates by Street Address (in the Helpful Lists section)

July 2013

  • Delete Transactions (from the View All Donations/Sales page)
  • Filter by Amount (from the View All Donations/Sales page)
  • Filter by Contact Type (from the View All Donations/Sales and View All Activity Logs page)
  • Import Contacts (check duplicates by custom field)
  • Import Transactions (match contacts by custom field)

June 2013

  • Contact Type (Individual, Business/Institutional, Community/Congregation) can now be defined for each contact.
  • Global edit for contact type
  • View contacts by type (Individual, Business/Institutional, Community/Congregation)
  • Contact type now included in the Contacts Report and Transactions Report
  • Update Contacts (from an Excel or CSV file)
  • Contact ID can be included in the export contacts
  • Open Tasks & Cases Summary now shows on the main page

May 2013

  • Added custom range (start date, end date) in View all Contacts (Added, Edited).

April 2013

  • Helpful Lists --- added find duplicates by email.
  • Helpful Lists --- added NEW Customers/Donors (this month, last month, this year, previous 2 years).

March 2013

  • Global edit can now update Custom Fields.

Feb 2013

  • Quick email to an individual contact --- you can now send an email to an individual contact from a search listing. Click on the email icon beside an email address and a quick email window will pop-up. Outgoing email messages are logged in the Activity Log for that contact.

Jan 2013

  • Helpful Lists --- added Lapsed Customers/Donors (more than a year, 6 months, 90 days, 30 days).

Dec 2012

  • Visibility Feature for Notes --- You can now assign visibility (ownership) for Notes. Users that do not have Manage privileges can only view Notes that are assigned to be visible to ALL (this is the default visibility assignment).

Nov 2012

  • Import Transactions --- you can now import transactions (sales / donations). Supported file formats are CSV and Excel.
  • Import Contacts now support importing your contacts with multiple-addresses (home, work, other).

Oct 2012

  • Import from Excel --- you can now import directly from Excel instead of having to save it first as a CSV file.
  • Facebook integration --- link your contacts to your Facebook friends and view their feed, send them private messages and post on their wall from Akubo.
  • Filter view in Transactions, Invoices and Receipts & Thanks You pages --- we added the filter by functionality so you can view the listing using various filters. For example, you can bring up a list of this year's Transactions and filter them by campaign, paid status, and date.

Sept 2012

  • Quick Email Preview --- send a quick email preview from the compose email window.
  • Custom Email Footers --- you can now create customized email footers. The custom email footers are created in the Notes section (select type "Email Footer") and from the preview email page, you can choose which email footer you want included in your email.
  • Send email using your Gmail/Google Apps account --- you can use your Gmail/Google Apps email account for sending out emails. This may improve deliverability and your email will also appear in your "sent" mailbox in Gmail/Google Apps. You can set this up in the Settings page in the Email section. Note the limitations for maximum number of emails you can send out daily via Gmail/Google Apps.

July 2012

  • Products database --- You can now define your products (and services) on Akubo. Products you define are available as a choice when you're entering a transaction (sale/donation).
  • Reassign transactions (Sales/Donations) --- from the sales/donations listing page, put a checkmark on the transaction and click on "select action" and choose "Reassign Sale(s)" or "Reassign Donation(s)".
  • Redesign of Tasks/Cases --- quick add entry box for adding new tasks and cases. Tabs for public and personal tasks/cases listings.
  • Multi-addresses --- you can now define up to 3 types of addresses (home, work, other).
  • View All Contacts by zip code
  • Email receipts and invoices from multiple email addresses --- all of your verified email addresses will be available as the "from" address when emailing receipts and invoices.
  • Check for duplicates when adding a new contact --- as you're typing in a new contact, a list of possible duplicates will be displayed.
  • Notes --- Labels for grouping your notes, Associate a Note to Contact(s)
  • We increased the number of custom status checkboxes to 10 (from 6). To define your additional custom status checkboxes, go to the Settings page and click on "Update" in the Custom Fields section.

June 2012

  • New Email Templates ---- we have 12 new email templates for newsletters, announcements and letters.

May 2012

  • Relationships --- define custom relationships between contacts. This is more than just defining referrals or family relationships, for example you can define relationships like "friend", "co-worker", "classmates", "neighbors", etc.. Defining relationships can make it easy for recalling key contacts in your database based on the relationships you've defined.

April 2012

  • Updates to mobile web version
    • Add Sale/Donation link now available from main page
    • Mapquest links --- can work better in some instances than Google maps
    • Auto-select for address data on mobile version (for easier copying to Blackberry maps application)

March 2012

  • Drag and drop uploads --- you can now upload files by dragging them (from your desktop and from your files/pictures folder) into the upload window (on email, notes, letters and your My Files upload page).
  • Auto-save on emails (a draft of your email will be saved in the drafts folder every 2 minutes).

February 2012

  • View Transactions by Contact, Org/Company and Group --- added dropdown menus in the transactions page for viewing by contact, org/company and group.
  • View Activity Logs by Contact, Org/Company and Group --- added a dropdown in the activity logs page for viewing by contact, org/company and group.
  • View Invoices by Contact, Org/Company and Group --- added a dropdown in the invoices page for viewing by contact, org/company and group.
  • View Receipts and Thank You by Contact, Org/Company and Group --- added a dropdown in the receipts and thank you page for viewing by contact, org/company and group.
  • Household member(s) search --- you can now do a more specific search for household members using the export household members to csv report (located in the Import/Export page).

January 2012

  • Year-end receipts --- added sales/donations list fields in Letters/Mail-Merge and Email so you can send out receipts to your customers showing all their sales/donations for the year.
  • Reports --- new reports for Multi-year sales/donations.

November 2011

  • Mobile updates --- added group listings and view contacts options (last 25 added, added today, added this month and added last 30 days) to mobile version.

October 2011

  • Last Edited --- you can now view a list of the last updated (edited) contacts. Options are similar to the Last Added listings (Last 25 Edited, Edited Today, Edited Last 30 Days, etc.). Note that this implementation would only reflect Last Edited data from Oct 1 --- so you will not be able to to recall the last edited data prior to Oct 1.

September 2011

  • Reports --- new reports for Activities (from Activity Logs), Cases, and Opportunities
  • Helpful Lists --- added Gender, Birthday Last Month, and Birthday Next Month

August 2011

  • Referred by --- auto-complete now includes all the existing names in your database (making it easier to enter names of referrers who are already in your database).
  • Helpful Lists --- added No Group and Customers/Donors (this month, last month, this year, previous 2 years).
  • Summary of Transactions (Sales/Donations) box can now be hidden when generating a Thank You & Receipt. We also added a data field (amount-total) to reference the total amount in the Thank You & Receipt header and footer.

July 2011

  • View Transactions (Sales/Donations) by --- you can now view a list of transactions by payment method.

June 2011

  • Quick Refresh --- changes/updates are now automatically reflected on the contacts listing after you make a change.
  • Counter for selected contacts --- we added a counter for your selected contacts to make it easier to track how many contacts you've selected (your selections as now preserved as you continue searching for other contacts).
  • Add new contacts from the contact listing page. There's now an Add New Contacts button on the contacts listing page.
  • Email --- You can now turn off the opt-out message at the top of your email message. The opt-out message will still appear at the bottom of your message (this feature cannot be turned off to help safeguard our spam controls), but showing the message at the top is now optional.

May 2011

  • Visibility Feature --- You can assign visibility (ownership) for contact records. Users that do not have Manage privileges can only see contact records that are assigned to be visible to ALL (this is the default visibility assignment).
  • Turning on/off Features for Login Users --- You can now selectively turn on/off Akubo features for Login users (that don't have Manage privileges). We're initially starting with Email and Transactions (Sales/Donations) functionality --- you can tun these features on/off selectively for each login user.
  • Creating Receipts
    • The create receipts page will now automatically pop-up after creating a transaction (sale/donation) that's marked for sending a receipt. The page will open when you go back to the Main page.
    • We added a button to mark a transaction to not require a receipt. This makes it easier to remove transactions (that are marked to receive a receipt) from the create receipts page.

April 2011

  • Transactions Report --- new custom report for sales/donations allows you to choose a group, year and target amount. For example you can create a sales report showing 2011 income from the "North East" group with information on which contacts have reached the target sales amount.

March 2011

  • Transactions Report now show #customers/donors for the month/year and #customers/donors with > 1 transaction for the month/year.
  • iPad access --- you can now use single-finger scrolling on the contacts/search results (you may need to update to iOS 4.3 to see this fix).
  • Helpful Lists --- added Birthday this Month and Email Opt-Out
  • Transactions Report now show average income, # of transactions, average # of transaction, invoiced and not-invoiced (unpaid income).
  • "Inactive" status for contacts has been renamed to "Hidden" --- a more appropriate label since contacts that are inactive are essentially hidden from query results. You can review "Hidden" contacts by going to "View All Contacts" by Status and choose "Hidden".

February 2011

  • Default currency --- you can now set your default currency (for sales/donations transactions) in the Settings page.
  • For business type accounts: Opportunity feature updates --- we added 3 new fields (product/info, amount and notes) and also moved the Opportunity section to its own tab.
  • Helpful Lists --- New section under View Contacts for helpful and useful lists --- starting out with Find Duplicates and No Email Address.

January 2011

  • Transactions Report --- new report showing transactions by City, State, Zip, Group, Org/Company.
  • Contacts Report --- new report showing contacts by Group, Org/Company and Age.
  • Transactions (Sales/Donations) report now show paid and unpaid amounts.
  • iPad access --- we've improved iPad access and navigation with pages now optimized for the iPad. To scroll through the view contacts/search results pages you can now use the two-finger scroll.
  • Smart groups now also show up in a contact's group membership listings.

December 2010

  • Global Update for contacts --- you can now perform global updates to contacts (select your contacts via View All Contacts or from a Search and click on the Global Update button). This is useful if a group of contacts from an organization move to a new address or change their phone number(s).
  • Added referred-by field in mail merge fields for email and letters.
  • Search by phone numbers (including mobile) now included in Universal Search.

November 2010

  • Share on Facebook and Twitter --- Share your Notes and Emails on facebook and twitter. Emails that you set to be viewable from a web browser and notes that you set for public viewing (via a public URL) can now be easily shared on facebook and twitter. Just click on the facebook and/or twitter logo beside these emails and notes and you will be taken to the facebook and/or twitter sharing page.
  • Converting Notes to Letters --- We added a button in the Notes section to convert a note to a letter. This is useful for creating and saving letter templates in the Notes section and easily creating new letters based on those templates.
  • Email Thank You / Receipts Preview & Edit --- You can now preview & fully edit your thank you / receipt before it goes out via email.
  • Global Add to Activity Log Notes --- You can now add activity log notes to multiple contacts. Simply put a checkmark on your selected contacts (from the contacts listing via View All Contacts or from a Search) and click on Add Activity.
  • Email attachment filenames now come in their original filename instead of a randomly assigned temporary filename.

October 2010

  • Sales Opportunities --- For "business" type accounts we have added the sales opportunity feature to allow you to track the sales process from new leads to prospecting to negotiating to closing (wins/loses).
  • Full customization for Thank You / Receipt header & footer --- You can now hide the default mailing headers that are automatically included in the thank you / receipts. You would then be able to create your own header without having the default mailing headers appearing above your custom header. We also added data merge capability for both the header and the footer so you can call up data fields in your custom header and footer.
  • Activity Log entries for outgoing emails --- A log entry from "system" is now recorded for each contact for emails going out, and for receipts marked as sent (and also sent out via email) so you can easily recall if a contact was sent an email, or was sent a receipt recently.
  • Save multiple Custom Email templates --- You can now create and save multiple email templates. To create new email templates, go to the Notes section, create a new Note and click on the drop-down for Note type and choose "Email Template". Once you've created these new templates, when you create a new email, you will see a drop-down right above the message section that will allow you to choose any of your saved templates.

September 2010

  • Email
    • You can now specify up to 3 email addresses as your "from address" for sending emails from Akubo
    • Mail merge custom fields into your email message
  • Advanced Search --- Search options added for Household Members, Custom Fields, and Referred By
  • Household Members
    • A column for Household Members now appear in the Contacts listing (from View All Contacts or from a search)
    • Custom fields can now be defined for Household Members (3 date fields, 2 text fields and 1 checkbox field)
    • Household member name is now included in the Universal Search (when you click on the Universal Search button from the main page)
    • Export Household Members into a CSV file
    • Total number of Household Members now appear at the bottom of Contacts listing (from View All Contacts or from a search)
  • Show/Hide columns --- Option to hide the columns for Organization/Company, and Groups from the Contacts listing (from View All Contacts or from a search). This option is in the Settings page (look for the Show/Hide Columns section).
  • Thank You / Receipts
    • Added "Create Envelope" button in Thank You / Receipt page (so now after you create a thank you / receipt, you can easily create an envelope)
    • Multiple header and footer templates for Thank You / Receipts. To create new header and footer templates, go to the Notes section, create a new Note and click on the drop-down for Note type and you can choose "Receipt / Thank You Header" or "Receipt / Thank You Footer". Once you've created these new header and footer templates, when you create a New Receipt, you will see a drop-down in the header and footer section that will allow you to choose any of your saved templates.
  • Invoices
    • Added "Create Envelope" button in Invoices page (so now after you create an invoice, you can easily create an envelope)
    • Multiple header and footer templates for Invoices. To create new header and footer templates, go to the Notes section, create a new Note and click on the drop-down for Note type and you can choose "Invoice Header" or "Invoice Footer". Once you've created these new header and footer templates, when you create a New Invoice, you will see a drop-down in the header and footer section that will allow you to choose any of your saved templates.
  • Envelopes --- Added A10 size envelope for printing
  • Payment Gateway --- payment gateway integration (this is being released as a beta). See Settings page for instructions to activate this feature from your account.

August 2010

  • PayPal Integration
  • Added new fields (mode of payment and account) in transactions
  • Recycle-bin link from the main page (in the View All Contacts section)
  • Added links for View All Contacts (last 7 days, last 14 days, this year)

For over 10 years, Akubo has grown from a simple CRM provider to a full-service “kubo” that makes data management easier.

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