Creating a New Group

Brief: This quick tutorial discuss and demonstrate on how to create and use groups in various methods at Akubo.

For example, you wanted to group certain clients together – example they all like Product A – you can easily create group called Product A and assign contacts to that group. And a contact can be a member of more than 1 group.
There are four ways to add a new group in Akubo. Which we will discuss.

You can add groups by…
  • In creating new contact
  • Selecting from the list of contacts
  • In importing data to Akubo
  • In Groups Option under Settings
Method 1First we are going to discuss how to add a new group in adding new contact.
In the right side of the “Add New Contact” panel, we can see here the Groups Panel.
We have to click “Select group”, then it will show a dropdown option.
Click on the “Create New Group”.
A Create New group prompt will appear.
Enter group name and press the OK button.
And click the Save button to save the new contact.

Method 2The second method to create a group is from selecting contact or contacts to assign to a group.
Go to contacts. Here you have your list of contacts.
Choose contacts that you want to be in one group by ticking the corresponding checkboxes. Or tick the checkbox to select all contacts.
Click the “Add to group”. It will show you a dropdown. Then click on the “Create New Group”. It will prompt you to name a new group.
Click “create new contact”.
We will name this group as Group B, and click OK button.
Automatically, it will save the selected contacts to the new group created.

Method 3Third method to create a group in Akubo is creating a new group in importing data to Akubo.

Let’s go to the Import and Export.

Select CONTACTS from Excel or CSV file to import contacts.
Upload the file to be imported to Akubo.
At the bottom part of the Import Options, we can see here the option for group.
Click the New Group button.
Enter the Group Name and click the Save button.
When we import this data, all the data will be grouped on Group C.

Method 4

Lastly, we can add new group in settings.
Go to Settings, located at the right side of the Header.

Click on Groups.
Click on the “Create New Group”.
Enter name for the new group and click the Save button.
We can also make chosen group a sub group of another, remove a sub-group from parent group, quick view of contacts with in the group and rename a group and delete a group.
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