Started as an In-House Project. Born out of a need for a simple database by a Bacolod-based non-profit organization (Tapulanga Foundation) in 2008, Akubo started as an in-house project, aiming to ease data organization and management. Since then, Akubo has become an all-Filipino customer relationship management (CRM) pioneer, servicing nonprofits and businesses.Akubo is positioned to service globally and reach out to various individuals and organizations so they can work virtually and seamlessly.

Yes, we’re turning 13! For more than a decade, Akubo software has partnered with clients from different sectors and organizations all around the world – helping them grow their business and their organizations. Whether you are a new non-profit, a start-up business, long time corporation or an established NGO, Akubo is here for you.

Team of Experts. A growing team of trained and competent software engineers, customer care engineers, writers, graphic artists and a renowned Fundraising specialist are committed to help you make your data work for you. Akubo is a simple yet effective product for all your sales and fundraising needs. Akubo has offices in Maryland, USA, Manila and Bacolod City, Philippines.

What Does AKUBO Mean?

All you need under one roof. A “kubo” is a Philippine word that means “hut” and is iconic to local culture as a place where you can put everything you own. This is very much what we envision Akubo to be – your little “hut” where you can put all your data so it will be easy to keep, update, sort and analyze.