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ICODE or Iloilo CODE-NGOs (Iloilo Caucus of Development Non-Government Organizations, Inc.) is a network of NGOs in Iloilo that develops and strengthens capacities to transform communities. With a focus on good governance, poverty and disaster risk prevention, environmental preservation, and social empowerment, they pave the way for NGOs to engage in local governance and development by sharing resources and knowledge, igniting the passion of local organizations for nation-building. 

Akubo had the honor of collaborating with ICODE last year. Together with our Advisory Services Team, Akubo and ICODE joined together in fundraising and strategic planning, and improving upon organizational matters with the help of our CRM and Payment Integration feature.

For this Client Spotlight article, we’d hoped to hear from ICODE on their experience of partnering together with us; our Client Spotlight aims to showcase our partner organizations and their ongoing or upcoming campaigns. From our conversation with ICODE representatives, we got the chance to learn more about their day-to-day, and their goals for the near future.

As part of our Client Spotlight, we asked what a typical day for the ICODE team looked like. “Open(ing) the individual emails at home or in the office,” they shared. “Then to remind or coordinate with other members of the team about urgent tasks to do for the entire week. We also share and reflect on the major common activities that (have) happened. When the entire team meets face to face, nag kamustahan.” ICODE places emphasis on “feeling like a family. No employee – employer atmosphere.

When it comes to what they hope to achieve for the year, they specified working on three key areas for their 2024 Annual Plan Focus:

First, to continue widening their Capacity Building Program technical services and consultancy for its primary CSO clients, and secondarily for the LGUs who need essential assistance in Organizational Development and Leadership, Participatory Governance, and Disaster and Climate Resiliency Planning. This is a part of ICODE’s financial sustainability strategy, which is mutually beneficial to the client organizations by improving its institutional competencies.

Second, Strengthening Capacity of LRH Pool of Trainers in areas addressing the needs of the client sector, especially addressing Climate Resiliency Actions, and Climate and Nature-Based Solutions.

Lastly, ICODE is looking to implement Financial Sustainability Strategies to diversify its funding resource base in order to amplify and sustain its operations and services in the next five years.

By the end of the year, ICODE hopes to achieve all aforementioned goals, and finally have a ready application and obtain their PCNC accreditation.

Akubo President and CEO, Mayan Quebral, together with ICODE Team for ANI, Harvesting Lessons in CSO Sector Strengthening.

We also asked them about their thoughts on our partnership through our Advisory Services, and their impressions on Akubo CRM, having dipped their toes in the use of our software. Before working together with us, ICODE tells us that they had no idea about CRM (Customer Relationship Management). “Iloilo CODE NGOs, Inc. has been using Akubo since last year, our partnership starting through the project, Capacitating Strategic Organizations to Strengthen the Civil Society Organization Sector, handled by Save the Children and USAID Philippines.”

In terms of specific challenges resolved through the use of Akubo CRM, data management, event management, email blasting, and making use of a donation page were the main ones that ICODE shared with us. When it comes to our Advisory Services, they stated that help arrived in the form of maintaining their database.

The platform was user-friendly. The trainings were very practical.” ICODE had a rebranding project during September of last year; Akubo and its Advisory Services team was “very much a part of the whole planning process…through sending out invitations, program planning and marketing strategies.” With regards to their other projects and programs, Akubo CRM was said to have become a great aid. “Registration of participants for trainings and events became easier and more accessible and can be tracked well accordingly. Donations are also easy to track.

Higher response rate for email recipients. Fund raising planning was very helpful as well as review of the strategic plan, and Support/Technical team are very responsive to our queries and give us updates on the status of fixes.

And finally, when they were asked if they recommend Akubo to other NGOs and organizations, ICODE’s answer was “Definitely yes!

If there were any features they wished to see implemented in Akubo CRM, ICODE mentioned, “None so far. Just keep apace with the trends and emerging realities in this VUCA world.

We at Akubo are honored to have worked with a truly inspiring group of individuals, to have been part of ICODE’s continued journey as a positive influence towards numerous communities. If you would like to see more of the Iloilo CODE NGOs’ projects and programs, you can visit them on their website or on their Facebook page.

Picture taken from ICODE website banner.

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